9 Most Expensive Pieces of Lingerie

by: Lee Keeler On  Friday, January 11, 2013
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9 Most Expensive Pieces of Lingerie

Does your underwear closet resemble a safety deposit box? Have you been keeping the jewelry cleaner in your pantry? Been going to the laundromat with the Kardashians again? Well friends, if you maintain to retain the shiny in your hiney and some bling in your schwing, then you need to take a look at these nine most expensive pieces of lingerie!

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the highest-rated television events in the country, drawing eyes in prime time since 1995. One of the traditions of the annual broadcast is that a new Fantasy Bra is unveiled and worn by one of the company’s top “Angels”, who have previously ranked amongst Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and more. Each bra, valued at varying millions of dollars, is given to a secret designer who painstakingly constructs the lingerie with lavish diamonds, rubies and other blinged-out goodies. The only way stealing one of these would be worth it would be to guarantee some kind of Cinderella/glass-slipper clause upon return. To make sure it would fit. Yeah.

2. Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini

For their 2012 Swimsuit Edition Issue, Sports Illustrated revealed two things: A whole lotta skin from model Molly Sims, and their $30 million Diamond Bikini. The outfit was designed by Susan Rosen and collectively assembles over 150 carats of D flawless diamonds. The thong contains one of the world’s largest pear-shaped diamonds, weighing in at 51 karats, in addition to a 31-karat emerald cut. All of these stones are set in platinum, making this teeny weenie bikini a must for the average sheik and/or oil tycoon with a kiddie pool and a stunning wife.

3. Victoria’s Secret Sexy Splendor Bra

Designed in the vein of the company’s Very Sexy collection, the bra is interwoven with 18-karat white gold, boasting 2,900 pave-set diamonds and 22 rubies. The heart of this piece, as modelled by Brazillian babe Gisele Mundchen, features a 101-carat pear-shaped diamond dubbed the “Mouawad Splendor Diamond” after its designer. Mouawad has been in the high-end jewelry trade in Europe since the 1890’s, peddling its wares to royal families. It’s no wonder, since one would have to pay the princely sum of $12.5 million to get their hands on it.

4. The West Virginia Satanist Special

What makes this bra so expensive? Well, if you’re West Virginian Mark L. Thompson, it’s a vital accessory to an ultimately bizarre ritual that authorities may never get the full details of. The 19-year-old Thompson took bath salts for three days, and when his neighbors busted in his door to get their pet goat back, they found it stabbed to death on his floor with a porno mag within eye shot  What’s more, Mark was wearing “a woman’s bra and panties” when apprehended. While the underwear in question was by no means the cause of his troubles, it certainly didn’t help to reduce his $50,000 bail.

5. Victoria’s Secret Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra

Yet another standout in the lineup of Fantasy Bras that are unveiled at the company’s yearly fashion show, this piece premiered in 2004 whilst showcasing the, er, assets of Ms. Tyra Banks. Designed by jeweler Mouawad, the bra alone garners its namesake from a flawless 70-carat diamond cradled in between the…uh, other diamonds. Valued at $10 million – not the priciest of the Fantasy Bra collection – the bra took 270+ hours to craft and was featured in company’s 2004 Christmas catalogue. The last part confuses us as well.

6. Gold Lingerie - Shenyang City, China

You’ve got to hand it to the Chinese: when it comes to going for the gold, these guys very often come out on top. This underwear was made in 2007 over a period of four months by four different craftsmen for a jewelry shop in the Shenyang City, China. Although valued at over $26,000, the pieces – made of yellow gold – were displayed for three weeks and were never put on sale. One can only imagine what pirates of yore would have felt if they were around today, being unable to properly plunder such a piece that converges their ultimate definition of “booty”.

7. Victoria’s Secret Red Hot Fantasy Bra

Hot tamales and they’re reeeedddd hottt, yeah she’s got ‘em on saaaaaale! Estimated to be worth an eye-popping fifteen million dollars, Victoria’s Secret Red Hot Fantasy Bra premiered at the Victoria’s Secret’s annual Fashion Show in 2000. Given the towering price of the piece, this crimson bra-and-panty set demanded the runway talents of amazonian goddess Gisele Bundchen. 300 carats of Thai rubies make this little number the record-holder for most expensive knickers with the Guinness Book of World Records. Spicy!

8. Gold/Pearl/Diamond-Encrusted Chastity Belt

11 years ago this fine piece of undercarriage insurance was commissioned by Cape Town goldsmith Uwe Koetter. This particular piece is valued at around $20,000 and was ordered by a British client living in South Africa. The chastity belt as a device dates all the way back to the Renaissance, with a long history of keeping a partner’s lady-business under lock and key. What’s more, if the wearer of the original iron chastity belts didn’t have the appropriate cloth padding between herself and the metal frame, she was prone to lead poisoning that could potentially lead to death. That’s probably not the most effective way to keep her faithful.

9. The Smart Bra

Diamonds be damned, the most important piece of underwear is the one that saves your life – and you can’t put a price on your health. A company called First Warning Systems is testing a smart bra for production in 2013. The support bra monitors fluctuations in cell temperature as a result blood vessel growth associated with tumor growth. While it would be wonderful to swim around in diamonds like Scrooge McDuck, a piece of clothing that is as functional as it is comfortable is likely to become a bosom buddy in your wardrobe.