Millionaire Datta Phuge Spends $235,000 On 22-Karat Gold Shirt

by: Joseph On  Friday, January 11, 2013
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Datta Phuge

Kanye West and Jay-Z may be the kings of luxury rap, but even they would have to bow their heads in deference to Datta Phuge, a wealthy moneylender from India.

Phuge’s nickname in his hometown is “Gold Man of Pimpri,” a nickname he solidified in style when he paid a whopping $235,000 for the shirt pictured above, which is made from 3.5kg of solid 22-carat gold. And Phuge got his money’s worth, as the shirt reportedly took 15 goldsmiths a combined 4,050 hours to complete!

But according to Phuge, this wasn’t simply an ostentatious display of wealth. He has inherited what must have been a respectable amount of gold, and he wanted to invest it in a way that would leave a sufficient amount behind for future generations. What a guy!