Domino’s Japanese Kobe Beef Steak Pizza Costs $66

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kobe Beef Steak Pizza

Japan is often ahead of the rest of the world in terms of outrageous pizza offerings. Take the latest product from Domino’s Japan division, for example.  It features a luxury Kobe Beef Steak pizza that goes for 5,800 yen, or about $66 USD.

Kobe beef is supposedly the best-tasting meat money can buy, but if anybody could screw that up, it would be Domino’s.  Still, according to one reviewer, the Kobe Beef Steak Pizza causes eaters to enter “into a state of pizza ecstasy.” And needless to say, that has never happened to me while eating pizza before.

Unfortunately, the Kobe Beef Steak Pizza is only available in Japan, but maybe if it takes off, Domino’s will make it available worldwide.  Until then, eating a Kobe Beef Steak pizza in North America will be nothing more than a dream.