25 Dirty Beer Names

by: Esteban On  Thursday, January 10, 2013
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dirty beer names

The recent boom in the craft brewing industry has been good in more ways than one. Not only do we now have a large array of flavorful beers to choose from almost anywhere we go; we also get beers with more interesting labels and some pretty creative names.

Of course, since even the craft brewing industry seems to be geared toward the male consumer, some of these more “creative” beer names are actually quite dirty. (Such is the way our minds work, I guess.) And these names are the subject of our list today.

Now, if you find yourself reading though these beers and wondering what makes some of them so dirty, well, good for you. That means you’re not a pervert, and I certainly won’t be the one to corrupt you. That’s what Wikipedia is for.

So, ready to get started? Great. Up first we have a beer name inspire by the film Anchor Man…so you know it’s good.


25. Sex Panther (SanTan Brewing Company)

25 sex panther - dirty beer names

Hopefully this beer doesn’t smell “like Big Foot’s d**k.”

(That’s an Anchor Man quote by the way.)


24. Polygamy Porter (Wasatch Beers)

24 polygamy porter - dirty beer names

It’s funny because wives are just like beer. Right guys?


23. Eulogy's Busty Blonde (Brasserie La Binchoise)

23 Eulogy Busty Blonde - dirty beer names

Hey, who doesn’t like to enjoy a refreshing Busty Blonde every once in a while?


22. Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout (Foothills Brewing Co.)

22 sexual chocolate imperial stout - dirty beer names

In case you aren’t up to speed on beer styles, an Imperial Stout is an extremely dark, rich stout with lots of caramel-chocolately notes. This, surely, is why they named this beer like they did—though it might also be a reference to the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America.


21. Sex Viking Dunkelweizen (Roth Brewing Company)

21 sex viking dunkelweizer - dirty beer names

I’m not sure what a sex viking is, but  a dunkelweizen is a darker version of the more familiar hefeweizen—”dunkel” meaning dark, “weizen” meaning wheat. They’re still kind of sweet like hefeweizens, but they have fewer citrus and more spicy notes. FYI.


20. Summer Hummer (Sweetwater)

20 summer hummer - dirty beer names

What are they talking about? Well, I don’t think they’re referencing the automobile.


19. Tramp Stamp (Clown Shoes)

19 tramp stamp (clown shoes) - dirty beer names

That’s some name, isn’t it? And believe it or not, this one is actually supposed to be pretty good. It’s got a score of 88 (“good) on BeerAdvocate.com with over 450 ratings. That’s pretty solid.


18. Motor Boat

18 sweetwater motor boat ale - dirty beer names

If not for the fact that this is only the second of four entries from Sweetwater Brewing Company (Atlanta, GA), I might have wondered whether this really was an intentionally suggestive name. But with their track record, yes, I’m pretty sure this is supposed to reference the thing guys do to—er, never mind.


17. Pitch a Tent IPA (Sierra Nevada)

17 sierra nevada pitch a tent - dirty beer names

A surprisingly cheeky name for such a major player in the world of serious beer. Who knew?


16. Moose Knuckle Winter Stout (The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company)

16 moose knuckle winter stout - dirty beer names

Moose knuckle is the male version of camel toe. And if by some chance you don’t know what camel toe is, you’re on your own.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only brew out there that goes by the name “Moose Knuckle.” There are at least two other breweries that have had offerings with that name. I simply chose this one because it’s got a great label.


15. Porkslap Pale Ale (Butternuts Beer & Ale)

15 porkslap ale - dirty beer names

As far as I know, “porkslap” is not actually a slang term for some sort of sex act. But it sure sounds like one.

(PS, you might remember this one from our list of awesome beer labels.)

14. Nipple Mountain Nip (Pagosa Brewing Co.)

14 nipple mountain nip - dirty beer names

A quick search on Wikipedia has revealed that there are actually a number of mountains and other geological formations known as “Molly’s Nipple.” And yes, all or at least some of them were apparently named after the nipple of a woman named Molly.

Anyway, I assume that this brew was named after one of these nipple mountains, but who knows.


13. Big Butt Doppelbock (Leinenkugels)

13 big butt - dirty beer names

It’s believed that bock beers originated in the German town of Einbeck in the 14th century, and that they came to be called “bocks” because those silly Bavarians pronounced “beck” like “bock.” Thus “Einbeck” became “ein bock,” which literally means “a goat” in German, and everyone started putting pictures of goats on the labels of bock beers.

So now does this label and beer name make sense? Yeah, well, it still sounds dirty.


12. Big Cock IPA (Great River Brewery)

12 big cock ipa - dirty beer names

They could have gone with “Large Rooster,” but where’s the fun in that?


11. Big Dick's Old Ale (Arcadia Ales)

11 big dick's old ale - dirty beer names

I wonder if there really is a “Large Richard,” or if they just made him up for marketing purposes.


10. Dick's Silky Lady (Dick's Brewing Company)

10 dick's silky lady - dirty beer names

Wow, is that what the kids are calling it these days?


9. Dirty Dick's Ale (Wells & Young's)

9 dirty dick's ale - dirty beer names

This one sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?


8. Happy Ending (Sweetwater)

8 happy ending imperial stout - dirty beer names

Now, all the other photos I found of this beer out there on the internetz suggest the head on this beer is actually a nice mocha brown. However, in this promotional photo, it’s bright white. It’s almost like they’re actively trying to suggest…nah, couldn’t be.


7. Kama Sumatra (Fallen Angle)

7 Kama Sumatra - dirty beer names

Yep, that’s right. Had to black out the label on this one. But hey, it’s not like you don’t get what’s going on.


6. Golden Shower Imperial Pilsner (Dogfish Head)

6 golden shower pilsner - dirty beer names

Dogfish Head is one of the most highly respected craft breweries in America. I’m not sure why they would want to associate one of their brews with urine.

(Not surprisingly, this one has been discontinued.)


5. Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale (Flying Dog)

5 doggie style ipa - dirty beer names

Flying Dog Brewery gets two beers in the top five. That should tell you something about their fearless marketing team.


4. Donkey Punch! (Sweetwater)

4 donkey punch barley wine - dirty beer names

I’m most definitely not going to explain this one. If you don’t know, wait till your boss goes to lunch and google it for yourself. (And don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


3. Dick Danger Ale (Dick's Brewing Co.)


I don’t know about you, but generally I try to avoid Dick Danger.


2. Camel Toe Egyptian Pale Ale (Piece Brewery & Pizzeria)

2 camel toe egyptian pale ale - dirty beer names

This little Chicago microbrewer really let loose with this interesting name. Of course, they call it an Egyptian Pale Ale, whatever that is, so ostensibly the “camel toe” part is some kind of reference to the desert country’s preferred method of old-fashioned transportation. But really, they just wanted to come up with a dirty beer name.


1. Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout (Flying Dog)

1 pearl necklace oyster stout - dirty beer names

Congratulations, Flying Dog. You’ve really outdone yourself with this one. Now please excuse me while in go hurl.