9 Of The Most Expensive Steaks

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 3, 2013

Most Expensive Steaks

9 Of The Most Expensive Steaks

There are few foods that are more revered than the classic steak. And, luckily for middle-class denizens of the world, there are plenty of affordable steak options out there for you to enjoy – you used to be able to get a steak at Waffle House, even. But that’s not what this article is about.

THIS article is about 9 of the most expensive steaks out there. But unlike with, say, jewelry or clothes, with these steaks you actually get an unparalleled experience for your money. These steaks are (or they better be, anyway) melt-in-your-mouth delicious, in addition to the not insignificant prestige factor. So click on through and check out these expensive steaks!

BLT Prime's Smoked Salt American Kobe Rib Eye Cap Steak - $95

The rib eye cap steak is a specialty known to steak fans, and one of the best is found at BLT Prime in New York City. Chef Laurent Tourondel prepares the cut, and it arrives at your table in all of its fatty and flavorful glory for a total asking price of $95 – tip not included.

The Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel Polo Club's Australian Wagyu Fillet Mignon - $101

Way over in Moscow, Russia, one of the most expensive steaks is the Australian Wagyu Fillet Mgnon at the Royal Aurora Hotel Polo Club. For $101, you get the 12-ounce fillet, which is (of course) impeccably grilled to order and served with tomato sauce. NOT ketchup, come on now.

The Ekki Bar & Grill's Sendei Sirloin - $129

At the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, there’s a place known as the Ekki Bar & Grill (you can see it in the above video). Here, you can get the Sendei sirloin, a 150-gram Wagyu sirloin topped with a black truffle jus. How much for this delicacy? Oh, just $129.

Zuma's Wagyu No Sumibiyaki - $132

If you want to try the “Wagyu No Sumibiyaki,” you need to have two things: At least $132, and a ticket to London, where the famous Zuma’s restaurant and steakhouse is located. The cut is served sliced, and with soy and wasabi, all on top of a hoba leaf.

Wolfgang Puck's Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye - $160

Wolfgang Puck is one of the most famous of all celebrity chefs, and the Wagyu rib eye found in his Beverly Hills CUT restaurant is one of his most acclaimed offerings. The $160, 8-ounce filet is seared under a 1200-degree broiler, then finished up on the grill. Hungry yet?

Al Muntaha's Australian Wagyu Striploin - $169

The Al Muntaha restaurant is one of the premiere steakhouses in Dubai. And one of their signature pieces is theĀ  Australian Wagyu Striploin, which goes for about $169. According to the restaurant, the 10.5-ounce striploin is “exceptionally tender, juicy and flavorful.”

Kobe Renga-tei Steak Restaurant's Select Special Kobe Filet - $246

Kobe Renga-tei

A 160-gram filet from the Kobe Renga-tei restaurant in Japan is prepared by an all-female kitchen staff, and comes with salmon, salad, and your choice of dessert. So maybe that $246 asking price is sort of a bargain after all. That’s definitely the case when you consider the “tachikui-yaki” traditional pottery that each Kobe filet is served on.

Aragawa's Charbroiled Kobe Filet - $258

The Tokyo restaurant Aragawa offers this luxury eight-ounce filet for $258. It’s charbroiled and includes a specialty pepper and mustard sauce on the side – clearly, there are worse ways to spend your money, especially if you’re an American tourist in Japan.

Craftsteak's 40-LB "103" Wagyu Rib Eye - $2,800

Wagyu 103 Ribeye

The most expensive steak by far is this custom-ordered 40-lb behemoth for a party at New York’s Craftsteak. It came to about $2,800, and was prepared medium-well and with a golden crust – all 40 pounds of it. I hope they left room for dessert.