Marc Newson Designs New Kyoto Champagne Cooler For Dom Perignon

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kyoto champagne cooler

Australian designer Marc Newson has been commissioned by the luxury beverage brand Dom Perignon to design a new champagne cooler. Known as the Kyoto, it was designed in conjunction with the fabled Japanese metal works factory, Seikado.

Inspired by the look of legendary Japanese samurai and fighters, the pewter piece includes two holders which free up visual space for the champagne bottle to stick out the top in a pleasing way. Elegance and style are the names of the game here, making this a worthy component of any bubbly New Year’s Eve celebration.

Whether or not it will be available in time for this New Year’s Eve seems to be up in the air, but keep an eye out for further information on availability and pricing.