Saint Laurent Mens Ad Campaign For Spring/Summer 2013

by: Joseph On  Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

The ad campaign for Saunt Laurent’s spring/summer 2013 collection of menswear has an interesting concept. It’s called “The Boy is a Girl,” and the model for the menswear line is indeed a girl – Dutch model Saskia de Brauw.

The ad campaign has been divided into two parts. You can check out the first one here, and the second one here.

It’s pretty interesting to see a line of menswear modeled by a woman. But I have to admit, it looks frighteningly good.  And it doesn’t hurt matters that the campaign is composed of crisp, cinematic black-and-white images. It’s enough to make you embrace your inner androgyny, which is probably an important part of fashion.