Adam Lambert In KTZ Church Embroidery Long Hoodie And Gloves

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adam Lambert performing at VH1 Divas

At the recent VH1 Divas show, honorary Diva Adam Lambert made a characteristically bold fashion statement with a vaguely religious outfit from Kokon to Zai. It was made up of a Church Embroidery Hoodie along with matching gloves, which are said to go for about $1020 and $170, respectively.

Both pieces are part of the 2012 fall/winter collection from Kokon to Zai, and are definitely an unusual choice for a pop singer. But maybe you could pull off a look like this, particularly if you want to do something different with a slightly religious twist.  Maybe you could throw on a Church Embroidery Hoodie if you’re going to church during the holiday season – it says “church” right in the name!

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