30 Celebrites Wearing Terrible Christmas Sweaters

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, December 18, 2012

celebrities christmas sweaters

It’s the holiday fad that’s sweeping the nation: ugly Christmas sweaters! You have probably even been invited to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party,” or you at least know someone who has.

Well, it turns out that us normal folk aren’t the only ones who get a kick out of extreme yuletide fashion. Celebrities, too, have gotten in on the fun in recent years, sporting some truly terrible knitted Christmas nightmares. And today, with Christmas just one week off, we’re going to get you in the ironic holiday spirit by showing you the worst (and therefore best) celebrity Christmas sweaters you’ll ever see.

Ready to start? Good, let go.


30. Ann Curry

30 ann curry - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Poor Ann Curry. First she had to wear this aweful Christmas Sweater, then the NBC execs fired her from her Today show gig and banished her to “roving correspondant” status. Will the indignities never end?

On the bright side, if everyone on the Today show had to wear stupid Christmas sweaters, then that must mean…


29. Al Roker

29 al roker - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Yep, that’s Al Roker in a terrible Christmas sweater, making an already ridiculous man even more ridiculous.

Interestingly, up next is a veritable Al Roker look-alike. Who is it, you ask? Well, click to arrow to see.


28. Cee Lo Green

28 cee lo green - celebrities in christmas sweaters

I guess Cee-Lo’s sweater really isn’t that awful. It’s just that it seems kind of weird to see him wearing something like this when you’re used to seeing him in wearing bizarre mardi gras bird-centurion costumes. It’s like, whoa, who’s that normal guy? Is that Al Roker?


27. Colin Firth

27 colin firth bridget jones' diary - celebrities in christmas sweaters

In Bidget Jones’s Diary Colin Firth wore this sweater. And yet women still think he’s dreamy. The guy can do no wrong, apparently.


26. Brian Griffin

26 brian griffin - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Okay, so technically Brian Griffin isn’t a celebrity since he’s just a fictional cartoon character. So I’ll justify this one by saying he is the cartoon personification of Seth MacFarlane, in which case I guess you could say this is Seth MacFarlane wearing a terrible Christmas sweater.

But really, I just thought this picture was funny.


25. Old Hanson

25 big hanson - celebrities in christmas sweaters

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I assumed that maybe this photo (and the two to follow) are from the liner notes of a Hanson Christmas album or something…but no.


24. Middle Hanson

24 middle hanson - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Ah yes, Middle Hanson: the one everybody thought was a girl. As you can see by his tight-fitting sweater vest and interesting choice in neckwear, he still like the more feminine-looking things—even if he does have a skeezy mustache and a wife and five kids.

No, seriously, the dude has five kids. And he’s only 29.


23. Little Hanson Junior

23 little hanson - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Little Hanson was always everybody’s favorite. He doesn’t seem to take himself as seriously as Middle Hanson.

And yes, it was too difficult to look up their actual names.


22. Roseanne

22 rosanne barr - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Here’s Roseanne Barr sporting not just a terrible Christmas sweater, but a clashing Christmas turtleneck as well.


21. Daniel Tosh

21 daniel tosh - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Wear whatever goofy sweater you want, dude. Just try to avoid rape jokes. You may have a comedic philosophy about “nothing being off limits,” but you should have a comedic philosophy of “say stuff people think is funny.” And people generally do not think rape is funny. Generally.


20. That Guy from One Direction

20 harry styles one direction - celebrities in christmas sweaters

If One Direction hadn’t appeared in that Pepsi commercial with Drew Brees I would have no idea who this is. (His name, by the way, is Harry Styles.)


19. Dionne Warwick

19 dionne warwick - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Is legendary singer Dionne Warwick wearing a Christmas sweater with a bear in leather pants skiing? I really, really hope so.


18. Martha Stewart

18 martha stewart - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Forget the sweaters. Check out that amazing plate of oranges decorated with leaves. How AMAZING! Martha really is a genius.


17. Kris Allen

17 kris allen - celebrities in christmas sweaters

American Idol winner Kris Allen and his entire band wore Christmas sweaters for this performance on on the Late Show. How cute.


16. Pink

16 pink - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Wow. I mean, wow. Forget the sweater for a second. What is going on with Pink’s pants? Is this some kind of photoshop trickery, or did she really go out in public like this?


15. Brandon Flowers

15 brandon flowers killers - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Oh Brandon Flowers, you’re such a hipster wannabe with your Wayfarers, your little mustache, and your ironic Christmas Sweater. But face the facts, dude: you’re a washed up pop singer whose band (The Killers, in case you didn’t know) only hit it big because they appeared on an episode of The O.C.

(Don’t get me wrong, though. I loved The Killers.)


14. Liz Lemon (a.k.a. Tina Fey)

14 tina fey and andy richter - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Look, it’s Tina Fey’s entire TV family, the Lemons! You can’t go wrong with matching Christmas sweaters.


13. Haley Williams

13 haley williams paramour - celebrities in christmas sweaters

I had to look up who Haley Williams was. Sorry, I guess I’m not that hip. Turns out she’s the lead singer of rock group Paramour.

Anyway, as nice as the sweater vest is here, it’s the pants that really make the look.


12. Justin Bieber

12 justin bieber - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Christmas sweater, Christmas jacket—same thing. What’s really interesting here is the fact that Usher is way too cool to wear some stupid Christmas sweater, not even ironically.

Also, Usher gives a more awesome photo hand gesture than the Biebs. Devil horns always beats backwards peace sign.

Come on Bieber, step up your game.


11. Eric Stonestreet

11 cameron tucker modern family - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Here’s Cam from Modern Family wearing a sweet snowman sweater vest.

But what’s that? You want more Modern Family in Christmas sweaters? You got it.


10. The Dunphys

10 the dunphys modern family - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Check out the badass cuffs of Phil Dunphy’s sweater. Now that is festive.


9. John Mayer

9 john mayer - celebrities in christmas sweaters

This sweater wouldn’t be that bad without the polka dots. Or the red pants. Or John Mayer’s douchey head sticking out of the neckhole.


8. Taylor Swift

8 Taylor Swift - celebrities in christmas sweaters

And speaking of John Mayer’s ex-girlfriends, is this a photo of Taylor Swift shopping at the mall in a terrible Christmas sweater? How did she not get mobbed by 13-year-old girls?


7. Troy and Abed

7 troy and abed community - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Troy and Abed are obviously the best characters on the not-a-hit NBC sitcom Community. Hopefully the show can have a second life like Arrested Development when it is eventually cancelled by the NBC suits.


6. Conan O'Brien and the Gang...and Mike Tyson

6 conan o'brien max weinberg andy richter mike tyson - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Here’s the most fearsome boxer of the last thirty years wearing a goofy Christmas sweater with a Santa Clause face. Who could have imagined?


5. Hilary Clinton

5 hilary clinton - celebrities in christmas sweaters

I hope Hilary Clinton eventually does become President of the United States one day just so we can look back at this photo and laugh.


4. Kanye West

4 kanye west - celebrities in christmas sweaters

I guess Kanye West is now taking his fashion cues from Justin Bieber, because he’s rocking the Christmas sweater-jacket, too. The only difference is that he’s not cool enough to have his photograph taken next to Usher.


3. Pete Went, Ashlee Simpson, and kid

3 pete wentz and ashlee simpson - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Pretty much the only thing that made these people famous was the fact that they were married to each other. Now that they don’t have that, they’ll both fade into obscurity. But hey, at least Pete Went will always have his awesome candy cane pants.


2. Matt Damon

2 matt damon - celebrities in christmas sweaters

While promoting his feel-good family flick We Bought a Zoo last year, Matt Damon wore this beauty on the Today show.

He looked a lot tougher as Jason Bourne.


1. Snoop Lion

1 snoop dog - celebrities in christmas sweaters

Note the gold chain around Frosty’s neck. You didn’t even know the possibility for such awesomeness existed, did you?

And by the way, don’t stop reading just yet. There’s a bonus Christmas sweater video up next…


Bonus: Jimmy Fallon and the Roots with Mariah Carey

You’ve probably seen this already, being a savvy social media user. But just in case you haven’t, check out this Jimmy Fallon and the Roots performing “All I Want for Christmas” with Mariah Carey…in Christmas Sweaters.