9 Classy Christmas Cocktails

by: Joseph On  Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cocktails

Hot Buttered Rum classic christmas cocktail

Christmas is almost here, which means for a certain segment of the population, it’s time to start getting completely plastered. But it’s almost sacrilegious to get drunk on plain old beer or wine during the holiday season. So here’s a handy guide for nine of the best Christmas-y alcoholic beverages around.

Click through this slideshow to see a variety of different ways to get drunk on Christmas. We’ve got Santa-themed beverages, candy cane cocktails, peppermint, and more. And of course, plenty of alcohol. Even if you don’t get to drink all of these this Christmas season – if you’re a skilled enough drinker, you might be able to make these work all year round.

Candy Cane Martini


Few edible treats are as iconic and integral to the Christmas season as the candy cane. But did you know there was also a martini that goes by the same name? Made with “creme de menthe, peppermint schnapps, half and half, creme de cacao, grenadine, candy cane chunks, and vanilla vodka,” the drink seeks to capture the flavor of a candy cane but in alcoholic beverage form.


Although less iconic (and harder to spell) than the candy cane, the poinsettia is also an integral part of the holiday season. The drink might be just as integral, provided you enjoy cranberry juice, champagne, and Cointreau. And what freak doesn’t?

Red And Green Skittles Vodka

One day a while back, some drunk candy enthusiast discovered that if you mix Skiddles with vodka you get a technicolor infusion of candy and alcohol. And if you limit yourself to red and green Skittles, you have a nice bit of yuletide drinking fun. Green and red are the best flavors anyway, so you’re golden.

Red Hot Santa Tini

A relatively new holiday classic, the Red Hot Santa Tini is a Christmas-themed (and spicy) twist on the martini. It involves mixing Pepper Infused Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, whipped cream, Thai chili pepper, cocoa powder, and cayenne pepper all together for a drink that will burn your tongue and get you drunk at the same time. Just like Santa Claus!

Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Another martini designed to ring in the holidays, the Chocolate Raspberry Martini is pretty much what it sounds like. Raspberry vodka, raspberries, and Creme de Cocoa combined to make a smooth and delicious cocktail. Sounds pretty good, right?

Santa Shot

With Christmas cocktails, Santa Claus seems to be the most popular totem when it comes time to pick a name. Example: The Santa Shot, a refreshing blend of Grenadine, Creme de Menthe (Green), and Peppermint Schnapps. If you mix it well enough, it might be stiff enough to give the big guy himself pause.

Christmas Cookie

If there’s one serious limitation to Christmas cookies, it’s that they don’t contain alcohol and thus aren’t able to give you a buzz. But that’s not the case with the Christmas Cookie cocktail. It’s a delicious and intoxicating mixture of hazelnut liqueur, dark rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream, gingerbread liqueur, and half and half. See? You’re getting more interesting already!

Hot Buttered Rum

A classic of both New Orleans and the Christmas season all over the world, Hot Buttered Rum is a strong holiday signifier for many people. It’s a warm, inviting beverage – the kind you want to sip while in front of a roaring fire. In other words, a perfect Christmas cocktail.


I’m still not entirely sure what eggnog is, but I do know it’s perhaps the quintessential Christmas beverage. And you can even drink it without alcohol without losing much of the holiday spirit! Creamy and delicious – although the idea of drinking it outside of the month of December seems a little gross. Merry Christmas!