The 9 Best Upscale Holiday Gifts For Your Girlfriend

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 14, 2012

Best Christmas Gifts

upscale holiday christmas gift for your girlfriend

It’s December 14th, which means Christmas is 11 days away. Have you gotten your girlfriend anything yet? If not, or even if you have, you may want to check out these 9 possible gift ideas for the refined and affluent gift-giver. And if nothing else, you could always start saving up for next year.

These are the presents for the “girl who has everything,” provided she still has room in her heart for some really cool and expensive stuff. So go ahead and check out the gallery. We won’t charge you for anything. It’s fun to imagine, at least, isn’t it?

Van Cleef & Arpels “Poetic Wish” Watches

One romantic idea for a Christmas present for your girlfriend is a “his and her” set of some kind. This has a couple of obvious advantages: One, it’s sweet, tying the two of you together through material possessions. Two, you get to have something cool too. So consider this pair of watches from Van Cleef & Arpels – but buyer beware, it is the most expensive gift in their catalog with a price tag of $1,090,000.


Video Portraits

If you could name one limitation of portraiture, it would probably be that they don’t move. Well, forget about all that, thanks to the Video Portraits series from artist Robert Wilson. They appear to be traditional photographs or portraits, but if you look for a while you’ll eventually see the animal featured appear to move. It’s cutting-edge stuff, almost as good as watching a movie!


Private Dinner For 10

Courtesy of the luxury peddlers at Neiman Marcus comes a private dinner for 10, prepared by top-flight chefs, in your very own home. Your girlfriend will delight in trying to figure out who to invite, and (almost as fun) who not to invite. It’s like having a 5-star restaurant in your home!


Italian Leather Handbag

Nothing says luxury quite like “Italian leather,” and handbags make a nice, timeless, and stylish Christmas present. What will your girlfriend keep in there? It’s anyone’s guess! It’s like having Christmas morning all year round.


Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk


Arcade Trunk


Of course, not all gifts for your girlfriend have to be jewelry or handbags. Why not get her something you can both do together? Like the Arcade PS Trunk from Pinel & Pinel. For just $90,000 you get a “Thrustmaster T500 RS Force Wheel, a selection of 24 PlayStation 3 games, 1800-watt wireless music system, motion-detection camera,” and more, all ensconced within a calfskin Formula One racing seat. Not too shabby.


Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase One: Avengers Assembled Box Set

While we’re on the subject of cool presents for your cool girlfriend, how about this doozy of a box set featuring all six of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” movies up to and including this summer’s mega-hit The Avengers? That movie made, like, a billion dollars at the box office, so statistically speaking there’s a good chance your girlfriend will like this. Plus, come on, look at that briefcase.


Custom Jewelry From Jacob The Jeweler

As you might guess from his business name, Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabo’s specialty is jewelry. More specifically, upscale and customized one-of-a-kind pieces for the very rich – many of his customers are celebrities in the music industry. But consider giving him a call if you ever hit it big on a scratch-off or something – your girlfriend will thank you.


Tibetan Mastiff

Recently billed as “the most expensive dog in the world” after one was sold for more than $1.6 million, a Tibetan Mastiff might be a great present for your rich and dog-loving girlfriend. But don’t forget to factor in the cost of taking care of it into your budgeting: Those things probably have pretty expensive tastes.


Luxury Chocolates

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate – unless of course your girlfriend is allergic (or a dog—chocolate is poisonous to dogs). But a Hershey bar probably won’t cut it if you’re looking to wow her. Luckily, there are plenty of upscale chocolate items out there, from the mildly decadent to the completely unbelievable. And best of all, they all taste like chocolate!