Celebrate The Coolest NBA Team With A “Brooklyn Internets” T-Shirt

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brooklyn Internets

It’s been pointed out by many how a simple change of location to Brooklyn for the former New Jersey Nets has resulted in a lot more eyeballs on the team. Even Jay-Z got in on the action, purchasing a controlling stake of the Nets and performing a now-legendary concert series opening up the team’s Brooklyn Barclays Center.

As part of that increased popularity, the internet has been abuzz about the new team and stadium – a point not lost on the makers of this tongue-in-cheek “Brooklyn Internets” t-shirt, which can be purchased at Frank & Jan for just $20. Sure, you might have to explain the joke to your parents over Christmas, but that just comes with the funny t-shirt territory.