50 Truly Awful Tattoos

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, December 4, 2012
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awful terrible worst tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. I don’t have any myself because I don’t trust my own taste, but I respect people who are confident enough to get them. That being said, there are a lot of people who’s self-confidence is really, really misguided. And, thanks to the magic of the internet, we get the pleasure of seeing their tattoo folly. So sit back and be prepared to laugh. This list is going to be good.

50. Homophones are hard!

 bad grammar tattoo 2

I guess this guy never completed the third grade. If he had, he would know that too and to are not different words with different spellings.


49. Homemade?

how can a angel break my heart (terrible tattoo)

Let’s just agree to ignore the obvious grammatical error here and just focus on how terrible this thing looks.


48. Exreme!

exreme misspelled tattoo

I suppose maybe this one was an attempt to be clever and make the X work as both an X and a T. If that was the intention, it was a complete failure.


47. Doesn't Love Raymond

i'm gonna kill you ray romano (weird tattoo)

I’m sure there’s a story behind this, but it doesn’t really matter. Nothing can justify this.


46. There's Waldo!

where's waldo tattoo above nipple

Where’s Waldo? Hiding behind my nip. Duh.


45. Zombie Kid

terrible tattoo of kid 10

“You did say you wanted your little boy to look like a zombie in this tattoo, right?”


44. Missing E

belive in myself bad grammar tattoo

“Let’s see, how does it go? I before E except after C, or…Ah, you know what? Screw it. Let’s just drop the E altogether.”


43. All Eyes on Me

all eyes on me (terrible tattoo)

Yes, all eyes. Including these creepy ones on my chest that look like an extra set of nipples.


42. Stay Strong

wtf tattoo

It took me a long time to figure out what this even says. This is either a really terrible attempt to free-style a fancy font, or the tattoo artist was drunk. Or both.


41. Live is a choice...

live is a choice you never give up (terrible misspelled tattoo)

Even if they hadn’t put “live” instead of “life”—which I presume was what was intended—this still wouldn’t make sense.


40. Shakes Peer

to thy known self be true mispelled tattoo

Technically, this could be a clever play on words, with the person intending to radically alter the original line uttered by Shakespeare’s Polonius in Hamlet. But I really doubt it.


39. Prepositionally Challenged

i value that i have (bad grammar tattoo)

I think the preposition you were looking for here is what. I value what I have.


38. In loving memory...

grandma and grandpa tattoo (hideous)

Is it just me, or does this portrait of grandma and grandpa make it look as though they fell asleep in the tanning booth with sunglasses on?


37. Pelvic Benjamin

ben franklin face mask crotch tattoo

So, fine. You want a picture of Benjamin Franklin on your pelvic bone, right above your junk? That’s fine. But why oh why would you make it a picture of Benjamin Franklin wearing a surgical mask? Are you trying to say that it’s odorous down there or something?


36. Alien Baby

terrible tattoo of kid 3

This is what happens when you want a tattoo of your kid on your chest, but you only have $50 to spend.


35. Good Times

good times (terrible tattoo)

Just some old-fashioned advertising I guess.


34. In Loving Memory

terrible in memory tattoo

Thanks for showing us the side-by-side comparison so we can get a good look at just how terrible this tattoo actually is.


33. Star Trek

star trek data tattoo

The art here is actually pretty good. However, the decision to get a Star Trek tattoo is questionable, and the actual image used is pretty weird. (Data looks kind of deranged here, don’t you think?)


32. Brenda

brenda (terrible tattoo)

Well, the guy obviously is not afraid of committment.



31. Terrifying Child-Demon

terrible tattoo of kid 2

Is that a child, or a grown woman, or…what?


30. Twilight Thigh

awful twilight tattoo

It took me a while to figure out that this was, in fact, a thigh. I still don’t know if it belongs to a man or a woman.


29. Deformed T-Rex

terrible dinosaur tattoo

That is one sad dinosaur. At least the crown distracts you from the horribly deformed face.


28. Worst Tiger Ever

terrible cat tattoo

What can I even say about this?


27. Second Worst Tiger

terrible tiger with red nose tattoo

Compared to the last one, this looks like a freakin Rembrandt. However, what’s with that red nose? Is it Rudolph the Red Nosed Tiger?


26. Huge Melon

terrible tattoo of kid 7

If you’re kid actually looks like this, you might want to pay a visit to your family physician.


25. The Kids

terrible tattoo of kid 5

Except for the shading, the one of the left isn’t bad. However, the one on the right looks like she got stung by that giant bumblebee hovering around her chin.


24. The Kids, Part 2

terrible tattoo of kid 8

Once again, except for shading that make her look South Asian, the top one isn’t completely awful. But man, the bottom one? That is a travesty.


23. Cross-Eyed Dog

terrible dog tattoo

Either this tattoo artist sucks, or Max’s parents were part of the same litter.


22. Nice Brows

wrongfully convicted eyebrow tattoos

Come on, would a man willing to get his eye brows replaced with tattoos have committed a crime?

Actually, yes, I think so.


21. Bucs fan

buccaneers face tattoos

Are these tattoos or face paint? I’m assuming tattoos, cause why not?


20. The Last Supper

simpsons last supper tattoo (awful)

Wow, there’s so much going on here. While the Simpsons tattoo is actually kind of cool, the placement is not. And if you can look past that weird flower thing partially covered up by his shirt, please take the time to notice those tentacles coming out from his pelvic region.

Yeah, this guy is a winner.


19. Tribute

terrible soldier tattoo

I know they meant well, but tattooing someone’s portrait on your arm is a pretty big risk, and this one didn’t pan out.


18. New Eyebrows

terrible eyebrow tattoo

She burnt her other ones off smoking crystal meth.


17. Another Twilight Tat

twilight tattoo

That’a very manly tattoo of Edward and Bella, buddy. Nice work.


16. Counting Crows Fan

adam duritz counting crows tattoo

I would not have thought Adam Duritz of 90s alt-rock band the Counting Crows inspired such loyal tributes.


15. Devil Child

terrible tattoo of kid 11

“So, what’ll it be?”

“Hmm. How about a tattoo of Chucky on my shoulder?”

“You mean, the evil doll from the movies?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Comin’ right up.”


14. Packers Fan

terrible packers tattoo

I’d like to think this one isn’t real, but I think it just might be.


13. Less We Forget

less we forget (terribel tattoo)

A truly nice sentiment ruined by idiocy. Bummer.


12. The Scroll

terrible tattoo

The scroll is half-decent. The lettering is less than 1/1ooth decent.


11. El Barto

terrible bart simpson tattoo

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Bart Simpson have a nose?


10. So. Many. Words.

huge poem tattoo

On the bright side, she’ll always have something to read.


9. Wow

terrible tattoo of woman's face

Is this a tattoo of the girl from #18 with the tattooed eye brows?


8. Just Horrendous

terribl tattoo of kid 1

“Yeah, I’d like a tattoo of my daughter on my arm. But if at all possible, could you please make it look like she’s got male genitalia on her forehead?”

7. Full Back Tat

terrible creepy full back tattoo horse man

Skeptical tattoo artist: “Um, so you want this half-horse, half-man dude to take up your whole back?”


6. Yankees Fan

terrible yankees tattoo

What the hell is the pop-pop business? And is this supposed to be pro-Yankees or anti-Yankees? Because to me it kind of suggests they’re going down in flames.


5. Mr. Cool Ice

mr. cool ice tattoo

Nice font, Mr. Cool Ice. Is that Helvetica?


4. Katie Bugg

terrible tattoo of kid 4

Little Katie Bugg is looking a little blotchy.


3. Bang

terrible tattoo on guy's stomach

You know the folks at the tattoo parlor had a good left when this guy left.


2. Avatar Fan

terrible avatar tattoo

Here’s an idea: if you’re going to get a movie character tattooed on your body, make sure it’s from a movie that doesn’t suck.

Yes, yes, I know, Avatar is pretty cool to watch in 3-D—especially that huge battle scene at the end—but as a “film” is pretty awful. James Cameron basically plagiarizes all his previous sci-fi work.

1. Mom

gross mom tattoo

You know what? If it isn’t readily apparent why this one is messed up, I’m not going to be the one who points it out.