9 Of The Best Donut Shops In The US

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Donut Shops

Everyone loves a good donut. They’re round, sweet, delicious, and have a nice visually pleasing hole in the middle. But some people are lucky enough to live near a truly special donut shop, instead of having to rely on your standard Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. Here are nine of those special shops that people travel from far and wide to try.

So check out this slideshow of 9 of the best donut shops in the United States. Who knows, maybe one day, not too long from now, you’ll be near one of them and with a craving for a donut.

Randy's Donuts - L.A.

This famous LA landmark is as notable for its legendary sign as for its delicious donuts. But those are pretty good too: Highlights include buttermilk and crumb raised donuts. A mandatory stop on any Mars Attacks tour!

Dynamo Donuts - San Francisco

This San Francisco donut shop, located in the famous Mission District, doesn’t carry your usual assortment of donut flavors. Instead, they have exotic circular pastries in flavors like lemon-Sichuan, apricot-cardamom, and bacon-maple-apple. They probably have a bunch that will sound good even if you’re not on drugs, too.

Dat Donuts - Chicago

The city of Chicago is famous for its wide variety of foods. And one of its most revered donut establishments is Dat Donuts. At Dat Donuts, all the donuts are made by hand, including the monster “supersize” Dat Donut itself. It’s about five times as big as a normal donut – practically a meal unto itself. Just don’t go eating one every day.

Kane's Donuts - Saugus, MA

The word “classic” gets thrown around an awful lot nowadays. But for a true classic donut, head to Kane’s, which has been a Massachusetts staple since 1955. Nestled in a residential-style house, Kane’s offers handmade donuts in classic flavors like honey and powdered sugar. Gotta respect the classics.


The Donut Drive-In - St. Louis

This St. Louis institution is located along the legendary Route 66. Almost as legendary is The Donut Drive-In’s famous neon sign, which has recently been restored to its former glory. Also pretty glorious are the donuts themselves.

Doughnut Plant - New York City

You can get almost anything in New York City, including some great, one-of-a-kind donuts. One of the best donut shops in New York is the Doughnut Plant – and its signature item is the unusual square-shaped jelly-filled donut.

Voodoo Doughnut - Portland

Often billed as the “Salvador Dali of donuts,” Voodoo Doughnut does things with the donut form that might change your perception of what donuts can be. Examples include the “Dirty Snowball (chocolate cake donut with a pink marshmallow glaze)” and the “Memphis Mafia (chocolate chips, banana, and peanut butter).”

Round Rock Donuts - Round Rock, TX

It’s possible you’ve never heard of Round Rock, TX. It’s a suburb outside of Austin, famous for its healthy living citizens who like to eat healthy and do things like bike and exercise and stuff. But it’s also home to these famous yellow donuts, which not even hardcore fitness nuts can say “no” to.

Mighty-O Donuts - Seattle

Speaking of health food, here’s a donut shop that specializes in all-organic, vegan donut varieties. See? Donuts can be healthy, after all. And they recently beat another Seattle-area donut shop in a blind taste test, so you don’t even have to worry about healthy donuts tasting healthy!