Give Your Morning Shave A Sizzle With Bacon Shaving Cream

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 30, 2012
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Bacon Shaving Cream

There are few more pleasant sensations to wake up to than the smell of bacon. But while you might not always have time to fry some up every morning, you probably DO always have time to shave. It’s that market that J&D’s hopes to corner with their newest bacon-infused product: Bacon Shaving Cream.

In addition to being shaving cream that smells like bacon, it is also outfitted with “heat-activated aromatic technology” that can stretch that scent out for hours. So make sure you ask your coworkers and significant other if they like bacon before slathering this on your face. Or, you could just find out the hard way.

You can purchase J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream for $14.99 by clicking here.