30 Awesome Home Bars

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, November 28, 2012
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awesome home bars

It’s always fun to hang out at a cool bar with your friends. But let’s face it—sometimes you just don’t want to spend pay the 80% markup on beer…or put on pants. And on those days, every guy wishes he had an awesome bar right there in his own home.

Well, with the big $500 million PowerBall drawing coming up tonight and everyone thinking about what they’d do if they won all that money, today seems like a perfect day to daydream about the perfect home bar. Thus, I’ve put together this list of some of the best ones around so help grease the wheels of your imagination.

Good luck in the big drawing!



30. Poker Room Bar

30 home bar and poker room

This one’s not that ornate, but it’s substantial. Those cabinets will hold a lot of booze and other drinking paraphernalia. The only thing really missing is a TV.


29. The Fancy Bar

29 fancy home bar - amazing home bar designs

This one is obviously for rich people with classy homes. The reason I like it is that it’s not tucked away in the basement, as though the fact that you like to enjoy some serious cocktails is something you should hide from visitors. I say keep the bar by the door so you can offer people a drink within 30 seconds of their entering your house.


28. Compact Bar Cabinet

28 compact home bar - amazing home bar designs

Obviously this one isn’t over the top. But I thought I should include something realistic for those (like me) who don’t have a lot of extra space, and this piece is pretty classy. You can buy it for $429 on Amazon, or find another one that you like better.


27. Big Basement Bar

27 basement bar - amazing home bar designs

The decor and electronics here are a little dated, but this is one serious home bar. Get a couple more (newer, bigger) TVs and you’re friends will be over every night.


26. Home Bar & Lounge

26 crazy home bar and lounge

It’s funny how easy it is to turn your basement into a real lounge. It just takes a bar and some ambient lighting. I bet these people have the best cocktail parties.


25. Ornate Bar

25 opulent home bar - great bar designs

For most people, this one is a fantasy. That’s an awful lot of custom wood and marble work. But man is it impressive. And again, it doesn’t seem as though it’s confined to the basement, which is awesome.


24. Wrap-Around Bar

24 awesome home bar

This bar is poorly stocked and features some pretty stupid hanging lamps, but I do like how it is the centerpiece of the entire rec room. (I also like that is has a tap, which is probably every man’s fantasy.)


23. Modern but Classic

23 great home bar 2

This amazing home bar has a classic look, but with modern finishes. And as a nice touch, they added a poker machine at the end. (I docked it a few points for the absence of a big screen TV, though.)


22. Wood Bar

22 big wood home bar - amazing home bar designs

I guess if you wanted to feel like you were in an old-time saloon or something, this would be the way to go. However, it’s a little much for me personally.


21. Bar Art

21 work of art that doubles as home bar - amazing home bar designs

A compact home bar that is also a piece of art? Now that is classy. You could be all like, “Hey Bill, why don’t you do over to the sculpture and make yourself a drink.”


20. Ultimate Rec Room

20 great home bar

I like this bar, but I do have two small problems with it. First, there should be a TV behind the bar itself so people will sit there. (Isn’t that half the fun of a home bar? Sitting at it?) Two, there is too much going on in terms of colors and materials—cherry wood finish, velvety seat upholstery, granite counter, and limestone wall? Too much. Less is more, friends.


19. Classic Tiki Bar

19 home tiki bar - amazing home bar designs

This one is perfect for having a Mai Tai and pretending you’re on some tropical island in the Pacific…or at least a Trader Vics.


18. Fancy Basement Bar

18 fancy home basement bar

I’m assuming the people who own this bar are the types who have their parties catered and hire bartenders.

That sounds like the life, doesn’t it?


17. Ultimate Home Tavern

17 classic bars custom home bar - amazing home bars

Well, if you’ve got the room, why not go all out? This bar is the work of a custom home bar designer and builder called “Custom Bars” in Smyrna, Georgia.

Nice work, folks.


16. Modern Basement Bar

16 classy home bar - amazing home bar designs

If the tiki bar we saw in #19 was for people who like a little kitsch, then this one is for people who like a little sophistication. Excellent lighting, excellent scale, and of course a TV—it’s perfect.


15. Home Pub

15 aweome home bar 2

The woodwork, the lights, the granite, and the foil ceiling—these are all awesome. The only problem I have here is the rest of the room surrounding the bar. Get rid of those stupid white ceiling tiles and replace them with something dark and more barlike, and this would be one fo the coolest, classiest home bars around.


14. The Extravagant Bar

14 insane home bar (almost a kitchen)

At first I thought this was a photo of a lavish kitchen. Then I looked more closely,  noticed that there fridge or stove, and realized that, no, this is just somebody’s incredible home bar.

Personally, my ideal home bar would be a bit more “divey,” but if someone gave this one to me I’d take it I guess.


13. Classy Basement Bar

13 awesome home bar - amazing home bar designs

I love the woodwork and the lighting in the cabinetry—they’re very classy. But, again, I think there needs to be a TV, otherwise you’re just going to make your drink and go sit somewhere more comfortable.


12. Basement Bar & Wine Sellar

12 fancy home bar and wine cellar

Can’t decide weather to build a bar or a wine cellar in the basement of your mansion? Hell, why not do both. These people did.

It must be nice not to have to choose.


11. Vintage Compact Bar

11 vintage home bar - amazing home bar designs

Here’s another one for people without a ton of extra space. This vintage art deco bar doesn’t take up a ton of space and is just part of the living room. If you’re the handy type who’s good with tools, you could easily make something like this for yourself.


10. The Contemporary Home Bar

10 modern home bar - amazing home bar designs

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, this one is fantastic. It’s got the TV so the bar will become the main hangout, but it just kind of blends into the background in case you don’t want it on.


9. Amazing Basement Pub

9 home bar in basement

These folks went all out to create an authentic pub feel in their basement, and that is just awesome. Beyond the actual woodwork (which is fantastic), I think was really sells it are the pendent lamps and the Guinness mirror on the wall.


8. Delux Basement Bar

8 beautiful home bar

The design of this one is just amazing, but what really does makes it great is the custom neon sign.

Oh, and did you notice there’s also a wine sellar to the right? Yeah, that’s a nice touch too.


7. Ultimate Basement Lounge

7 home bar and lounge

I have a feeling the materials will used here will feel pretty dated in about 10 years, but right now this one looks absolutely amazing. I would have gone with a projector and screen instead of a TV, though. I mean, why not? There’s plenty of room.


6. Classy Upstairs Bar

6 luxurious home bar

Basements are nice because they keep your home bar nice and dark. But as I’ve mentioned a few times here, I love it when people don’t hide their bars but instead make them part of their living space.

This one, of course, is especially nice, with the two TVs and the video poker machine being the best features.


5. Cave Bar

5 home bar with stone archway

Generally, I’m not a fan when people over-do it with stone. However, here the stone floors and extensive stonework surrounding the bar make this one feel like a cave. And as we all know, caves are very manly.


4. Authentic Home Bar

4 crazy home bar

This is about as authentic as you can make a home bar look. If not for the couch and mantle in the background, you wouldn’t even know it’s somebody’s house. And that, to me, is one of the best parts about having a home bar—having an escape within your own home where you can forget your worries.


3. CC Sabathia's Home Sports Bar

3 cc sabathia's home bar - amazing home bar designs

Aside from the 5 televisions, there’s nothing particularly extravagant about CC Sabathia’s home bar. It’s just designed really well.


2. Garage Pub

2 garage converted to irish pub - amazing home bars

At firs tI did not believe that this was, in fact, a regular home garage that was converted into a pub. But if you look closely at the back window, you’ll see the proof: there’s a house out there. This is somebody’s garage. And whoever it belongs to is the most popular man on his block.


1. Bob Short's Basement Dive Bar

1 bob shorts home bar (san francisco) - amazign home bar designs

No, this is not an actual bar. It’s the basement of a guy in San Francisco named Bob Short. He’s been working on it since the 1970s, and I’d say that he has it perfect now. You walk down there and you really feel like you’re at your corner tavern.

In my opinion, this might be the best home bar in the world. If you know of any that are better, by all means let me know.