Be Prepared For Anything With The ABS Patrol 24 Pack From The North Face (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ABS Patrol 24 Pack

One bad thing about getting caught in an avalanche while mountain climbing is that you can’t really get to any of the tools in your backpack if you’re trapped under hundreds of feet of snow. But now there is one possible solution to that perilous scenario, and it comes from The North Face in the form of the ABS Patrol 24 Pack.

In addition to its numerous spaces and compartments for everything you might need while mountaineering, the pack is also equipped with the Avalanche Airbag Safety System, which automatically deploys in the instance of any high impacts, much like the airbag of an automobile.

Check out a video of the ABS Patrol 24 Pack in action here: