The Tumi Mixology Set Lets You Take Your Bar On The Road

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tumi Mixology Set

If you’re an amateur mixologist, it can be tough getting people to come over and sample your wares. But thanks to the Tumi Mixology Set, you no longer have to bring Muhammad to the mountain, because now you can carry an entire array of your mixological equipment wherever you go.

The set is being released in conjunction with Ketel One vodka, and includes a shaker, mixing and ice-grabbing tools, martini glasses, and a black rectangular case with fold-out storage areas that was “skillfully crafted by hand in Italy.”

You’ll be like the Mary Poppins of bartenders with this thing.  And at a price of just under $4,000, it seems like a pretty sweet deal, especially after you factor in how much you’ll be making in tips.  The Tumi Mixology Set is expected to be available to the public soon, at which point you should be able to grab one for yourself from Tumi’s official website.