The Most Expensive Cheese In The World Is Made From Zasavica Donkey Milk

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 16, 2012

Most Expensive Cheese

Cheese, like most things, ranges from the very cheap (your Velveeta-type “cheese food” varieties) to the very expensive.

In this instance, we focus on the latter, as we introduce to you the world’s most expensive cheese, which is made using  milk from the only donkeys in the entire world that are milked by their owners. The donkeys live on the Zasavica nature preserve, and they only produce about a 20th of a gallon of milk per day. And it takes three gallons of the milk to make a pound of the cheese.

So just how much does the most expensive cheese in the world cost? It comes to about $576 for a pound of this Zasavica Donkey Milk cheese.

No word yet regarding how it tastes on pizza.