Lady Gaga’s “Cake” Directed by Terry Richardson Teaser Video

by: Joseph On  Thursday, November 15, 2012
Tags:  Cake   Lady Gaga   Terry Richardson  

Lady Gaga

Pop weirdo Lady Gaga released a new track called “Cake” back in September. Billed as Gaga’s attempt at southern-style hip hop, the track is actually a unique mix of southern hip hop and Lady Gaga’s peculiar style (that probably goes without saying, though). Now, in anticipation of the music video for the song, there’s a 15-second teaser video.

Directed by famed photographer Terry Richardson, the video shows Gaga and a trio of girls with most of their clothes off, writhing around VERY close to each other. So, uh, you might want to wait until you’re home from work to check it out below: