9 Of The Most Expensive Pieces Of ‘Star Wars’ Memorabilia

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 9, 2012

Most Expensive Star Wars Memorabilia

If there’s one thing the recent sale of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars universe to Disney proves, it’s that Star Wars is worth a hell of a lot of money. But savvy collectors and investors in memorabilia have known that for many years, as Star Wars merchandise of all kinds has sold for big money. And since just about everything you can think of has had the Star Wars logo printed on it at one time or another, that means there’s lots of highly expensive Star Wars swag out there. So check out this gallery of some of the most expensive Star Wars swag. And if you’re feeling flush this holiday season, who knows? Maybe the Star Wars fan in your life will be lucky enough to get one of these pieces as a Christmas present.

Darth Vader Cape And Robe From 'Star Wars'


Sure, it might not be quite as iconic as Darth Vader’s helmet, but his cape and robe from the first Star Wars movie have plenty of galactic significance. Or at least that’s what one buyer thought, spending $55,000 for it in 2005. No word on whether he wears it at parties.

Luke Skywalker’s Flight Suit


Luke only got to wear his Rebel flight suit a couple of times in both Star Wars and its first sequel, but whoever owns this piece of Hollywood history can wear it as much as they want. Or at least, they should be able to, since they paid $60,000 for it in 2005. If I paid that much for a flight suit, I’d probably learn to fly.

Darth Vader Helmet, Mask and Shoulder Armor


When it comes to iconic, it’s hard to beat Darth Vader’s helmet and mask. It practically screams “evil.” And according to one buyer in 2003, apparently it screamed $70,000 worth of evil. That’s Romney-level evil, guys.

Obi-Wan's Cloak

Obi-Wan's cloak

The famous cloak worn by Sir Alec Guinness in Star Wars might look a little like a burlap sack. But when you consider its history and its significance it becomes much more than that. How much more? In 2007, a buyer paid $95,900 for the cloak.

Chewbacca's Head


It might seem a little morbid to have the decapitated head of one of the most beloved non-human characters in cinema history sitting in your house. But someone out there with a lot of money either disagreed or didn’t care, since he paid $100,000 for it in 2007. That’s one way to get a head in life.

Darth Vader's Lightsaber From 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Darth Vader's Lightsaber

A working lightsaber would be pretty much priceless, but a prop lightsaber from an actual Star Wars movie would be the next best thing, right? Take, for instance, this beautiful piece of hardware, wielded by the man in black himself in The Empire Strikes Back. Market value in 2005: $100,000.

Darth Vader's Helmet From 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Darth Vader's Helmet

Here’s another one of Darth’s helmets (his “Fighter Helmet”), also from The Empire Strikes Back. It was purchased by a lucky Star Wars fan back in 2003. How much did it go for? $115,000.

TIE Fighter Miniature from 'Star Wars'

TIE Fighter miniature

Back before the days of CGI, George Lucas had to capture the wild spaceships and alien worlds in his imagination through techniques like miniature photography and stop-motion animation. One relic from that imaginative era is this TIE Fighter miniature from the first Star Wars movie. It went for $350,000 back in 2008.

'Star Wars' Panavision Camera


Unlike the rest of the pieces of Star Wars memorabilia on this list, the most expensive in the world never appeared on camera in any of the six Star Wars films. That, of course, is because it’s one of the cameras used to film the first one. And one collector purchased it for $650,000 in 2011 – the most ever spent on Star Wars memorabilia. For now, anyway.