The 100 Best Cheerleading Uniforms in Sports

by: Esteban On  Thursday, November 8, 2012
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best cheerleading uniforms

It’s no secret that cheerleaders are a big draw in the world of sports. For that reason, there is no shortage of lists out there on the internet rating and ranking various cheerleader squads, as well as individual cheerleaders. However, it seems that one vital aspect of cheerleading often goes unnoticed and under-appreciated: the uniforms. After all, it doesn’t really matter how hot a cheerleader is when you are sitting way up in section 517. Unless you brought a pair of binoculars, you can’t see her face. However, you can see her uniform. So today this aspect of cheerleading is going to get the attention it deserves, as we rank the 100 best cheerleading uniforms in sports. And, you know, if a couple of attractive women just happen to feature prominently in our analysis, well, that’s fine too.


In Memoriam: Marlins Mermaids

101 Miami Marlins Mermaids - best cheerleading uniforms

This year we lost one of the best cheerleader uniforms of all time, and the only legit cheerleading squad in Major League Baseball. You will be missed, Mermaids.

100. Saskatchewan Roughriders Cheer Team

100 saskatchewan roughriders cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I’m gonna be honest. These uniforms? Not good. But we have to start with something bad in order to fully appreciate the good.

99. Calgary Flames Big Country Ice Crew

99 calgary flames-big-country-ice-crew - best cheerleading uniforms

These uniforms work because they wear the classic Flames jersey and not the stupid new ones with all the black piping and triangles underneath the armpits. (Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, Calgary.)

98. Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Girls

98 tampa bay lightning-ice-girls-3 - best cheerleading uniforms

The TB Lightning Ice Girls demonstrate a tried and true rule when it comes to sports uniforms: when in doubt, keep it simple and use low-cut tops. (Well, I guess the second part of that rule only applies to cheerleader uniforms.)

97. Washington Wizards Wizard Girls

97 washington wizards - best cheerleading uniforms

My only gripe with these uniforms is that the fantastic throwback “dc” logo should be featured more prominently. Other than that, they’re pretty decent.

96. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Cheerleaders

96 hamilton tiger cats cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I’m not a big fan of this CFL team’s mustard yellow, but other than that I like these uniforms. Especially the boots. They’re a nice touch.

95. Milwaukee Bucks Energee!

95 milwaukee bucks cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The uniforms are pretty good, except for the Miller Lite logo and the green and red.

94. New York Jets Flight Crew

94 new york jets flight crew cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The tops need a little tweet, given that the white part makes it look like all the cheerleaders are wearing bibs. But the skirts, belts, and boots are fantastic.

93. Michigan State Spartans Cheerleaders

93 michigan-state-basketball-cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Spartans cheerleaders look slim and sleek in these uniforms. The white piping really draws attention to the motion of their arms, which is what you want as a dancer. (Well, I imagine that’s what you would want as a dancer.)

92. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheer Team

92 winnipeg blue lightning cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Blue Bombers Cheer Team has pretty nice uniforms. It’s a shame the team keeps them locked up in the dungeon.

91. Utah Jazz Nu Skin Dancers

91 utah jazz - best cheerleading uniforms

The Jazz Dancers benefited greatly when the team went back to it’s old logo and color-scheme.

90. K-State Wildcats Cheerleaders

90 k-state cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Purple sparkly shirts. What’s not to like here?

89. Phoenix Coyotes Ice Crew

89 phoenix-coyotes-paw-patrol ice girls - best cheerleading uniforms

Take a good look at the Yotes’ ice crew. With any luck, they’ll be extinct in a few years. (I’m referring, of course, the the Coyotes’ precarious situation in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale.)

88. Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

88 indianapolis colts cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

A poor man’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, but still pretty good.

87. Carolina Hurricanes Storm Squad

87 carolina hurricanes storm squad - best cheerleading uniforms

Interesting how these unis look like NASCAR gear. It’s almost as if the Hurricanes are located in the heart of NASCAR country.

86. Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

86 kansas city chiefs cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

White leather boots are always a good choice for a cheerleading wardrobe. Always.

85. Minnesota Timberwolves Cheerleaders

85 minnesota timberwolves - best cheerleading uniforms

These are nice-looking enough, but it’s not easy to tell what team they are affiliated with. Gotta dock them a few points for that.

84. Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders

84 cincinnati bengals cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

See? White boots always work.

83. Oakland Raiders Cheerleaders


You have to respect the Raiders Cheerleaders for sticking to their roots with this pirate-inspires uniforms…and white boots.

82. Florida State Seminoles Cheerleaders

82 Florida State Cheerleaders - Best Cheerleading Uniforms

The ‘Noles aren’t reinventing the wheel or anything, but these uniforms are solid. (Then again, what wouldn’t look great on these two lovely women?)

81. Calgary Stampeders Outriders

81 calgary stampeders outriders cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The CFL’s Calgary Stampeders call their cheerleaders the Outriders. I have no idea what that references, but I like that their uniforms look like sexy maid costumes.

80. Boston Cannons Cheerleaders

80 boston cannons lacross cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Did you know pro lacrosse teams had cheerleaders? Heck, did you know there were pro lacrosse teams? Well, you do know, on both accounts.

79. New Jersey Devils Ice Girls

79 new-jersey-devils-ice-girls - best cheerleading uniforms

The one should strap look is a little dated. If not for that, these uniforms would rank considerably higher.

78. Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

78 atlanta falcons cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Falcons Cheerleaders uniforms are kind of plain, but at least they are inoffensive. (Bonus points for the cool Falcons belt buckle.)

77. Minnesota Vikings

77 minnesota vikings cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Vikings embrace the nordic heritage of their home state, and so do their cheerleaders. These are definitely among the more unique unis in the world of cheerleading.

76. Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals


These uniforms don’t seem to have much to do with the team’s history or name, but they are nice. And there are those amazing white leather boots again.

75. Indiana Pacers Dancers

75 Indiana Pacers cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The uniforms are great, but the jazz dance slippers look dumb when you look at them up close. (Of course, most of the fans at the game do not see them up close, so it’s not really an issue.)

74. Portland Trailblazers Cheerleaders

74 portland trailblazers cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Portland Trailblazers Cheerleaders uniforms look a lot like the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders uniforms. I wonder if they use the same designer.

73. Clemson Tigers Cheerleaders

73 clemson cheerleaders 2012 - best cheerleading uniforms

Clemson has fantastic school colors, so the cheerleading squad just keeps it simple with the design. The result is fantastic.

72. Columbus Blue Jackets Ice Crew

72 columbus blue-jackets-ice-girls - best cheerleading uniforms

The Blue Jackets may be a terrible hockey franchise, but their ice girls have top-notch uniforms.

71. Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

71 baltimore ravens cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

There’s not much to these uniforms other than the bright Ravens purple, but then that just means they can’t do much wrong, either.

70. Chicago Bulls Luvabulls

70 Chicago bulls luvabulls - best cheerleading uniforms

In my opinion these uniforms need more red. Other than that, they’re very good.

69. South Florida Bulls Cheerleaders

69 usf south florica bulls cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Here we see two different looks for the Bulls cheerleaders, classic and modern. Both are excellent.

68. Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders


Even Jeremy Piven likes the Argos Cheerleaders uniforms.

67. Boston Celtics Dancers

67 boston celtics cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I’m not sure I am completely on board with all the ruffled, but I respect the Celtics Dancers for taking a bit of a fashion risk with these uniforms.

66. Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

66 tennessee titans cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Titans Cheerleaders uniforms are pure class all the way. I mean, except for how skimpy they are.

65. Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders

65 atlanta hawks cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I like the dresses, but there is one problem: if I didn’t tell you these women were the Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders, would you have been able to guess?

64. Orlando Magic Dancers

64 orlando magic cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Orlando Magic hit a home run with these sparkly numbers.

63. Charlotte Bobcats

63 charlotte bobcats - best cheerleading uniforms

Cheerleader uniforms that look like vintage basketball uniforms? Fantastic. And the funny thing is, that’s actually how tight they used to be.

62. Denver Nuggets Dancers

62 denver nuggets - best cheerleading uniforms

This is not the primary uniform for the Denver Nuggets Daners, but it damn well should be.

61. Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team

61 los angeles clippers spirit dance team - best cheerleading uniforms

I love the Clippers colors, I love their uniforms, and I love their cheerleaders uniforms. Maybe I should consider becoming a Clipper fan?

60. Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers Girls

60 cleveland cavaliers cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Here’s another NBA cheerleading squad with uniforms that look like vintage uniforms. Hopefully this becomes a trend.

59. Kentucky Wildcats Cheerleaders

59 kentucky cheerleaders with ashley judd - best cheerleading uniforms

This is just a perfect example of that classic, iconic All-American cheerleader look. And hey, look at that, it’s Ashely Judd. That’s cool.

58. Montreal Alouettes Cheerleaders

58 montreal alouettes cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Here’s another great uniforms ruined by the fact that you can’t tell what team they’re cheering on. They’d be lower on the list if not for the fishnet stockings, which are an unexpected touch.

57. St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

57 st. louis rams cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

While “sparkly” may not be an appropriate characteristic for your every-day wardrobe, it’s perfect for cheerleader uniforms.

56. Edmonton Eskimos Cheerleaders

56 edmonton eskimoes cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Sadly, there’s a pretty small window to see these shiny uniforms. Come september in Edmonton, they have to break out the warmer gear.

55. Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

55 arizona cardinals cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Cardinals squad wears uniforms that are simple and stylish. Maybe superstar WR Larry Fitzgerald helped design them—he knows a thing or two about fashion.

54. San Diego Chargers Charger Girls

54 san diego chargers charger girls cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The long sleeves seem unnecessary for a team based in southern California, but otherwise these uniforms are pretty solid. I especially like the lightning bolts over the shoulders.

53. Dallas Mavericks Dancers

53 dallas mavs dancers - best cheerleading uniforms

The Mavs Dancers demonstrate that, when it comes to cheerleader uniforms, less is always way, way more.

52. New York Knicks City Dancers

52 new york knicks city dancers - best cheerleading uniforms

The City Dancers are an iconic squad, so they have sharp uniforms to match.

51. Oklahoma City Thunder Girls

51 oklahoma city thunder girls - best cheerleading uniforms

These are great uniforms, but they should have a little of the red from the Thunder logo in there somewhere. Like this, they’re too easily mistaken for New Orleans Hornets Dancers. (See #49.)

50. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

50 philadelphia eagles cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Remember what I just said about less being more back on #53?

49. New Orleans Hornets Honeybees

49 new orleans hornets honeybees - best cheerleading uniforms

First off, I’ll admit that I’m really fond of the Hornets fleur de lis-hornet logo, which they stuck right smack dab in the middle of these uniforms tops. So that’s a plus. But I also really like the honeycomb pattern on the side of the top and the shorts.

48. Denver Outlaws Cheerleaders

48 Denver Outlaws lacross cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Most cheerleaders in lesser known sports leagues have pretty boring uniforms, and this is generally true of cheerleaders in Major League Lacrosse. However, it is not true of the Denver Outlaws.

47. Boston Bruins Ice Girls

47 boston bruins-ice-girls - best cheerleading uniforms

The best part of these uniforms is how they incorporated the old-school jersey laces into the girls’ tops.

46. Miami Heat Dancers

46 miami heat dancers - best cheerleading uniforms

What really makes these uniforms are—you know what I’m going to say, right?—the white leather boots. (Though almost-not-skirts-at-all skirts are pretty great, too.)

45. Anaheim Ducks Ice Girls

45 anaheim ducks ice girls - best cheerleading uniforms

The logo and uniforms for the Anaheim Ducks are really boring. However, they look great as spandex uniforms worn by really attractive women.

44. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

44 tampa bay buccaneers cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Bucs Cheerleaders don’t try to do too much with their uniforms. And that’s smart, because you don’t want to take any attention away from the women wearing them.

43. Detroit Pistons Cheerleaders

43 detroit pistons cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Pistons have as many guys as gals on their cheer team. However, the guys wear basketball shorts and t-shirts, while the ladies wear sparkly outfits like this.

42. Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

42 philadelphia-flyers-ice-girls - best cheerleading uniforms

If you’re a hockey fan and you’re not from Philly, chances are you hate the flyers. However, you cannot hate their ice crew, because they look amazing in this uniforms—the best part of which are the socks.

41. Houston Rockets Power Dancers

41 houston rockets dancers - best cheerleading uniforms

Well, let’s see here. Leath-looking yoga pants? Check. Sweet kicks? Check. Amazing red cleavy tops? Check. These uniforms have it all. Nice work, Rockets.

40. BC Lions Cheerleaders

40 BC Lions cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Obviously, the best feature of these unis is the lion claw marks across the left side of the top. It’s like the Lions mascot tried to cop a feel.

39. New England Patriots Cheerleaders

39 new england patriots cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

What is more patriotic than skimpy lycra uniforms decorated with stars and stripes? (Answer: nothing.)

38. Los Angeles Laker Girls

38 laker girls 2012-13 - best cheerleading uniforms

The Laker Girls are one of the world’s most iconic cheerleading/dance squads. However, their uniforms, while perfectly nice, don’t live up to the squads’ legendary status.

37. Oklahoma Sooners Cheerleaders

37 Oklahoma Sooners basketball - best cheerleading uniforms

When you have great school colors like this, as long as you keep the uniform designs simple you’ll be okay.

36. ASU Sun Devils Cheerleaders

36 arizona state sun devils cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

What really makes these uniforms are the burgundy and gold panels down the sides.

35. Houston Texans Cheerleaders

35 houston texans cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for cheerleader uniforms that are basically sexy versions of the team’s uniform. And that is what the Texans Cheerleaders have done here.

34. Nashville Predators Ice Girls

34 nashville predators-ice-girl - best cheerleading uniforms

I have not idea why the Nashville Predators Ice Girls have uniforms reminiscent of Bavarian bar wenches, but I’m certainly not going to complain about it.

33. Euroleague Final Four Cheerleaders

33 zalgiris-dance-team-official-euroleague-final-four-cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Euroleague actually plays some pretty solid basketball, and yes, the teams have cheerleaders. This squad was put together for their “Final Four.” I assume they are like a Euroleague cheerleader All-Star team, but who knows. All I know is that their uniforms are pretty solid.

32. Dallas Stars Ice Girls

32 dallas stars ice girls - best cheerleading uniforms

In Dallas, they know a thing or two about good-looking cheerleading squads. The Dallas Stars really had no choice but to hit a home run with their ice girls uniforms, and that they did. Like the Anaheim Ducks, the Stars hockey unis are pretty boring, but when translated into spandex uniforms worn by hot women, amazing they work just fine.

31. TCU Horned Frogs Cheerleaders

31 TCU cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Purple is simply an excellent color for cheerleader uniforms, and TCU has put the color to good use with these modern classics.

30. Toronto Raptors Dance Team

30 toronto raptors dance pak - best cheerleading uniforms

The Toronto Raptors try something a little different here, with the same stylish dress in two different color schemes. I must say, I think it works quite well.

29. Tennessee Volunteers Cheerleaders

29 tennessee volunteers cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I’ve always been a big fan of Tennessee’s creamsicle orange, and it works especially well on the cheerleader unis.

28. Florida Panthers Lady Panthers

28 florida panthers lady panthers - best cheerleading uniforms

These uniforms make it very hard to understand why hockey isn’t more popular in Fort Lauderdale.

27. Purdue Boilermakers Cheerleaders

27 purdue-cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I love these uniforms. They are classic in cut, but modern in design.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders


There’s not much to be happy about in Jacksonville these days, but the cheerleader uniforms are certainly one exception. How can you not like animal print?

25. Sacramento Kings Royal Court Dancers

25 sacramento kings royal court dancers - best cheerleading uniforms

The tops here are fine, but what really makes these uniforms good are the skirts, tights, and boots.

24. Vanderbilt Commodores Cheerleaders

24 vanderbilt cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Vandy may not be formidable on the field, but their logo looks fantastic on the front of a cheerleader uniform.

23. Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders

23 phoenix suns cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I’ve read some criticism of the Suns new-ish color scheme of orange and grey, but I like it. And it looks especially good on the cheerleaders.

22. Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

22 carolina panthers topcats cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Who cares if panthers are solid black, these turquoise jungle cat print tops are fantastic.

21. Golden State Warriors Cheerleaders

21 golden state warriors - best cheerleading uniforms

When did the Golden State Warriors stop sucking at everything? Their logo these days is excellent, and their cheerleaders’ uniforms are first rate.

20. Buffalo Bills Jills

20 buffalo jills cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Jills’ uniforms wouldn’t be anything special without the laces in the front. But those just add a touch of retro sporty class.

19. New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders

19 new orleans saints cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Those New Orleans teams know how to place a fleur de lis so it draws your focus to just the right place, don’t they? (Remember #51?)

18. Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

18 denver broncos cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

There’s so much to like here, and I’m not just talking about the obvious stuff guys like enjoy, like the low-cut top and tiny microskirts. The leather vests? Excellent. And how about that little bolo tie? That is what you call attention to detail.

17. Northwestern Wildcats Cheerleaders

17 Northwestern Wildcats - best cheerleading uniforms

The Northwestern uniforms are just a really nice combination of contemporary and traditional.

16. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

16 washington redskins cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The theme we’re starting to see develop here is that a lot of the best cheerleading uniforms are those that take the uniforms the players wear on the field as their inspiration. We see that here, and also in the next ones on the list…

15. New York Islanders Ice Girls

15 islanders-ice-girls - best cheerleading uniforms

See what I mean? You just can’t go wrong taking the uniforms worn by players and turning them into sexy outfits.

14. Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

14 oregon cheerleaders 2012 - best cheerleading uniforms

Some schools go old-school and keep everything traditional. Not the Ducks, though. Every single thing about this program is fresh and modern, from the cheerleading uniforms to the types of plays called on the field. And you know what? It works.

13. Philadelphia 76ers Dancers

13 philadelphia 76ers cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

I think what makes these uniforms so appealing are the blocks of bright, contrasting colors.

12. Brooklyn Nets Cheerleaders

12 brooklyn nets dancers - best cheerleading uniforms

I have a feeling these uniforms will be met with mixed review. I for one love them. Then again, I love the whole new black and white look for the Nets.

11. UNC Tar Heels Cheerleaders


Everything about these uniforms works, from the colors to the stripes to the classic NC logo. Duke wishes their cheerleaders looked this good.

10. Los Angeles Kings Ice Girls

10 los angeles kings ice girls - best cheerleading uniforms

The Kings Ice Girls are yet another cheerleading squad that basically wears a sexier spandex version of what the players wear. And man, do these uniforms look great on L.A. girls.

9. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

9 miami dolphins cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Yep, more white leather boots. But the rest of the uniform is nice, too.

8. UCLA Bruins Cheerleaders

8 ucla cheerleading squad - best cheerleading uniforms

The UCLA Cheerleader uniforms simply have that classic All-American look that is hard to beat.

7. San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush

7 san francisco 49ers cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

The Gold Rush also have a player uniform-inspired wardrobe, the best features of which are the horizontal stripes across the chest and the shorts—they look like cut-off football pants, which is awesome.

6. Missouri Tigers Cheerleaders

6 missouri cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

White leather boots and solid sparkly gold dresses? This is not the Tigers Cheerleaders’ primary uniform, but I wish it were, because it is amazing.

5. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders


The DCB Cheerleaders’ uniforms have not changed much over the last 40 years, and yet they are as good as ever.

4. San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers

4 san antonio spurs cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Black satiny micro skirts—that is all you need to know about the Spurs Dancers’ uniforms. Black satiny micro skits.

3. USC Song Girls

3 usc song girls - best cheerleading uniforms

Now that we’re into the Top 5, it’s really hard to rank the uniforms. I even second-guess myself on this one. Is #3 too low for the amazing Song Girls uniforms? They are as good-looking a cheerleading squad as you’ll find. And yet, somehow, I ranked two uniforms ahead of them. What was I thinking?

2. Alabama Crimson Tide Cheerleaders

2 alabama crimson tide cheerleaders - best cheerleading uniforms

Oh, right, I was thinking that this particular version of the Alabama Cheerleaders’ uniforms is excellent.

1. Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girls

1 chicago blackhawks ice girls - best cheerleading uniforms

What do you think? Am I crazy for putting the Hawks ice crew unis in the top spot? I feel like a lot of people will disagree. But I just don’t think they could have adapted the iconic Blackhawks jersey any better.