Harrison Ford Rumored To Play Han Solo In Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie

by: Joseph On  Thursday, November 8, 2012

harrison ford star wars

You almost certainly remember the recent announcement that George Lucas sold his company Lucasfilm (along with the Star Wars universe) to Disney, and that Disney was planning on releasing a new trilogy of films. Now, it’s time for the inevitable rumors about what those movies will be like, and maybe even most interestingly, who will be starring in them.

As for today’s rumor, it involves whispers of the possibility of Harrison Ford once again playing Han Solo.

Apparently, Ford softened his long-held anti-Solo stance due to the involvement of producer Kathleen Kennedy as the new head cheese of Lucasfilm. Again, this is all just speculation, and we definitely won’t know if Ford is on board until a script and director are a certainty. ┬áBut it’s still fun to imagine, right?