Aviator Folding Ultra Limited Edition Collection From Ray-Ban

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Aviator Folding Ultra

Iconic sunglasses brand Ray-Ban recently unveiled a new pair of shades back in June, called the Folding Aviator. Now, in case that pair of sunglasses wasn’t quite snazzy enough for you, Ray-Ban has unveiled a special limited edition collection of their Aviator Folding Ultra shades.

This special collection is basically the old Folding Aviator with a couple of important twists, including a 22-carat white or yellow gold frame, along with water repellent P3 Plus gradient polar lenses and temple tips that are constructed with hand-stitched leather.

These sunglasses are available now in very select retailers, so you better grab a pair quick, before they’re all gone.