15 Awesome Flaming Cocktails

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, November 6, 2012
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flaming cocktails

Classy cocktails are nice and all, but sometimes you just need to let loose a little. And on such occasions, you don’t want an Old-Fashioned or a Manhattan. You want something a little more ridiculous. Something, for example, that you can light on fire. Well, today we’ve got you covered in that department with this list of awesome flaming cocktails. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s comprehensive; however, there are 15 recipes, and pretty much all of them involve Bacardi 151. So I do think it at least covers the basics of inflammable libations.

So are you ready to see some awesome flaming beverages? Great. Let’s get started.

15. Sinatra's Flame of Love

Alright, technically the drink itself isn’t flaming, but there is a pretty amazing pyrotechnic display involved in its preparation. Who knew you could do that with an orange peel? Maybe I should have paid more attention in chemistry.


2 oz vodka

1 splash sherry (to coat glass)

2 orange peels

14. Flaming Zombie

I’m not really sure what’s so “zombie-like” about this drink. I mean, it’s kind of like a fruitier Mai Tai—something you’d order for your girlfriend. It doesn’t look like the walking dead, and I doubt it tastes like the walking dead. However, the flaming part I get.


1 oz white rum

1 oz dark rum

juice of 1 lime

1 dash grenadine

2 oz pineapple juice

2 oz orange juice

1 TBSP Bacardi 151

13. Flaming A-hole

Oh yeah buddy, that’s right. Mint and banana and grenadine. Sounds totally delicious, right?

Yeah, that was sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell. Actually, mint and banana sound terrible. In fact, while the lady in this video makes some lame jokes, I have to agree with her theory as to the origin of this drink’s name: only an a-hole could have come up with it.


1/2 oz grenadine

1/2 oz green crème de menthe

1/2 oz Crème de Banana

1/2 oz 151 rum

12. Bailey's Comet

Get it? Haley’s Comet—Bailey’s Comet? So clever.

Anyway, I’ve just got one word of advice for you if you want to try this one: don’t let the flame burn too long, or the Bailey’s will curdle. And you don’t want no part of that.


1 ½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 ½ oz Butterscotch Schnapps (raid your grandma’s liquor cabinet)

¾ oz Goldschlager

1 tbsp 151 Rum

1 dash Cinnamon (to sprinkle over flame)


11. Flaming Lamborghini

This one isn’t for you if you’re the drinking alone type. I mean, you could try to do it yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re liable to burn your eyebrows off. So I’d recommend getting a hot chick to assist you, as they do in this very helpful instructional video.


1 oz Kahlua

1 oz Sambuca

1 oz Blue Curacao

1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

10. Flaming B-52

This one actually sounds as delicious as it looks. I mean, it’s basically a “screaming orgasm”cocktail with orange liqueur instead of vodka…and, of course, you light it on fire. (Incidentally, “screaming orgasms” are delicious, but never, ever, under any circumstances should you order it in a bar. Buy the ingredients yourself and make it at home.)


1/3 oz Kahlua

1/3 oz Irish Cream

1/3 oz Grand Marnier

dash of Bacardi 151

9. Flaming Gorilla

What is gorilla-like about Kahlua and peppermint schnapps? Don’t ask me. I think whoever came up with this one just picked a goofy name to mess with people, but I obviously have no evidence to back my theory up.


1 oz Peppermint Schnapps

1 oz Kahlua

1 oz 151 Rum

8. Flaming Sunset Pousse-Cafe

In some bartending circles, any layered cocktail is called a “pouss-cafe.” This particular one is called a sunset pousse-cafe because the layers actually look like a sunset. Pretty clever, right?

In any case, this one sounds pretty tasty. However, like the aforementioned “screaming orgasm,” I’m not about to walk up to a bar and say, “Barkeep, one Flaming Pousse-Cafe, my man.”


½ oz Grenadine

½ oz Coffee liqueur

½ oz Crème de banana

½ oz Irish cream

½ oz Brandy

7. Flaming Pumpkin Pie

This one is just in time for Thanksgiving. Unless you live in Canada, in which case Thanksgiving was weeks ago. Either way, this one looks delicious. Once again we’ve got the magical combination of Kahlua and Bailey’s, only here we have cinnamon instead of orange. I’m definitely giving this one a shot (pun intended).


1/3 oz Kahlua

1/3 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

1/3 shot white tequila OR Goldschlager

1 dash cinnamon

6. Flaming Bob Marley

File this one under “looks awesome, tastes like burnt hair.” I’ll admit that I haven’t had this myself, but I don’t see how grenedine, Galliano, and mint liqueur could possibly taste good together. But hey, if you and your friends are currently going through a reggae phase, this one is for you.


1/3 oz grenadine

1/3 oz Galliano

1/3 oz Crème de Menthe

splash of Bacardi 151

5. Color-Changing Shot

Only problem with this amazing flaming cocktail? Well, first off, I guess it’s not really a cocktail. But more importantly: you’ll need a black light. That’s not hard to come by if you live in, say, a college dorm, but it is if you live in the real world.

In any case, here’s what you do:

- place shot glass with liquor inside larger glass

- fill larger glass with tonic water, but not overflowing into shot glass

- watch and magic (chemistry) takes place


1 oz liquor of choice

tonic water

dissolvable vitamin B tablets

black light

4. Poprock Rockstar Shooter

While you’ve still got the black light you used for the last one, give this one a try, too. It’s aesthetically similar, of course, but with Rockstar Energy Drink, absinthe, and candy, it’ll have quite a different (i.e., disgusting) flavor.


1/2 shot Blue Curacao

1/2 shot Rockstar Energy Drink

dash of absinthe

pop rocks

black light

3. Flaming Dr. Pepper

This quintessential college party shooter, So obviously I went with the lamest instructional video I could find. However, if you want to see how awesome people drink their FDPs, well, here you go:

Now that is amazing.

Oh, and yes, they really do taste like Dr. Pepper.


3/4 shot of Amaretto

1/4 shot of Badardi 151

6-8 ounces of light beer

2. Back Draft

Finally, a flaming cocktail named after my favorite Billy Baldwin movie.

The Back Draft is actually pretty intense. You don’t just drink the booze, you huff the boozy vaport created by the flames and get high, too. Here’s what that looks like:

Is that even legal?


1 ½ oz Cointreau

1 ½ oz Sambuca

Few shakes of Cinnamon

1. The Blue Blazer

It may sound like an article of clothing in your grandfather’s closet, but in reality this is one hell of a flaming cocktail.


You know what? I’m not even going to give the ingredients for this one, because I definitely do not think you should try it at home. You’ll burn your house down, and I can’t have that weighing on my conscience. Just watch the video and enjoy.