9 Most Expensive Coffees On The Planet

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 2, 2012

Most Expensive Coffees

A good cup of java can run you anywhere from $2 to god knows how much, depending on how fancy a coffee shop you go to. But you’ll have to cough up some serious dough for a cup of one of these nine coffees, which rank as the most expensive in the world.

What makes coffee so expensive? Well it can be any number of factors, including the type of beans used to produce it, the process used to refine it into a drinkable beverage, or maybe just good marketing. Either way, these coffees are for serious coffee connoisseurs, not your average McDonald’s coffee drinker. Take a look at this gallery for nine of the most expensive coffees on the planet.

Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon - $24 per lbs.

Rwanda Blue Bourbon

Starbucks is sort of famous for making coffee that’s a little more expensive than average. But this special blend bearing the Starbucks brand is expensive enough to rank as some of the most expensive on the planet. How much for a pound of the stuff? A respectable $24.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee - $34 per lbs.

Hawaii is more famous for coconuts than coffee. But you can get some pretty good java from the aloha state – including this 100% organic blend. And it goes for about $34 a pound, so be sure to sip slowly.

Los Planes Coffee - $40 per lbs.

Los Planes Coffee

The distinctive gold-colored bags of Los Planes Coffee gives you an idea that it’s of a higher quality than your average blend. In fact, the asking price for a pound of Los Planes seems a little cheap when you consider the gold packaging. Each pound carries a price tag of about $40.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - $49 per lbs.

This coffee, hailing from Jamaica, is a favorite of coffee drinkers all over the world. But they don’t get to drink this favorite without paying up. How much for a pound? A pound of Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica costs about $49.

Fazenda Santa Ines - $50 per lbs.

Fazenda Santa Ines

Here’s a coffee from Brazil that ranks as some of the most expensive on Earth. The cost for this specific brand of Brazilian excellence? $50 a pound. But to the people who appreciate fine coffee, it’s a bargain at any price.

El Injerto - $50 per lbs.

Another premium, high-quality coffee that gets premium, high-quality prices throughout the world is El Injerto. Like the previous entry, coffee buffs generally pay around $50 a pound for the blend, but some varieties can go for much more.

St. Helena Coffee From St. Helena Coffee Company - $79 per lbs.

St. Helena Coffee

The island of St. Helena is the birthplace of many luxuries, not least among them the delicious coffee brewed at the St. Helena Coffee Company. And the price tag for a pound of St. Helena Coffee is pretty luxurious too: $79 a pound.

Hacienda La Esmeralda - $104 per lbs.

Hacienda La Esmeralda is one of the most famous and respected coffee brands in the world. And it has a price tag to match – how much? A pound of this blend will cost you about $104!

Luwak Coffee - $160 per lbs.

Here’s a good example of something really fancy and expensive also being kind of gross. Luwak Coffee gets to be $160 a pound through a special chemical process involving coffee beans that have “passed through a mongoose’s digestive system.” Apparently it gives the coffee a unique and indescribable flavor. I for one am just going to take this on faith.