10 Of The Most Exclusive Credit Cards In The World

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 29, 2012

Most Exclusive Credit Cards - Intro

AMEX Black Title

They give credit cards out to pretty much anybody. But you might not even be aware of the special stratosphere for high-rollers and big spenders. These cards often have words like “black,” “platinum,” and “obsidian” in their names, and they offer the kind of perks and special benefits us regular mortals can’t even dream about.

So check out this gallery of the most exclusive credit cards one can own. We say “one” instead of “you” for obvious reasons – chances are, you aren’t making enough money for these credit cards to even fit in your wallet. And if you are, congratulations! But just remember there’s always someone with a nicer credit card than your own.

10 - Stratus Rewards Visa Black Card

Stratus Rewards Visa Black Card

The fact that this credit card from visa is called “Stratus Rewards Visa Black Card” but is actually white is just one example of the craziness that is the world of ultra-exclusive credit cards. The only way to get one is to be nominated by a current cardholder, and it can cost as much as $1,500. For your money you get lots of perks and gifts, though.

9 - The NatWest Black MasterCard

The NatWest Black MasterCard

The NatWest Black MasterCard is fairly cheap in the annual fees department (for a luxury card): It only costs $395 a year. But the spending limit is an impressive $1.5 million and you get automatic entry into airport lounges across the globe. Plus a 24-hour concierge service!

8 - Black Bull Card from Merrill Lynch

Black Bull Card from Merrill Lynch

Only the top five percent of United States residents are eligible for the Black Bull. As if it weren’t already sweet enough being rich, right? This card’s most notable feature is the free flight hours on Marquis Jets offered to its holders.

7 - Citigroup Black Chairman Card

Citigroup Black Chairman Card

$500 a year is all you need for the Black Chairman Card from Citigroup. Well, that and status as a wealthy individual who does your banking at Citi Bank or Smith Barney. Along with the prestige associated with a premium credit card, holders have access to the usual assortment of perks like 24-hour concierge service and travel assistance.

6 - Black Brazilian MasterCard From The Santander Group

Black Brazilian MasterCard From The Santander Group

Not much is known about the Black Brazilian, one of the most exclusive credit cards in Latin America. In order to qualify, you have to have a certain, undisclosed-to-the-public bank balance. Just how exclusive is the Black Brazilian? There’s only an estimated 3,000 in circulation.

5 - Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Sapphire Preferred Card from Chase is aimed at people who are interested in the perks and prestige of an exclusive credit card, but who aren’t interested in dealing with companies like Visa or American Express. And it offers plenty of features in the meantime, including various types of insurance and identity protection, all for a relatively small $95 a year.

4 - Visa Signature Card

Visa Signature Card

The top of the Visa line that’s actually owned by Visa (more on that later), the Visa Signature card has NO preset spending limit, plus VIP treatment at various sporting and entertainment events. There’s also travel assistance, “special dining experiences,” and early access to tickets for things like concerts and games.

3 - Visa Black Card

Visa Black Card

Although it’s actually owned by the Barclays Bank, the Visa Black Card is the most exclusive credit card you can get with “Visa” printed on it. For $495 a year you get an introductory 0% APR for 15 months, 1% cash back on all purchases, and access to all kinds of VIP lounges across the world.

2 - Eurasian Bank Diamond Card

Eurasian Bank Diamond Card

You have to be a customer with a specific bank in Europe and have at least $300,000 to qualify for the Eurasian Bank Diamond Card. In addition to the usual perks, the Diamond Card earns its name thanks to the 0.02-carat diamond embedded in the actual card. So if money gets tight you can always pawn the card itself! Now that’s just good financial planning.

1- American Express Black

The American Express Black Card, officially known as the “Centurion Card,” is one of the most famous luxury credit cards. Features include the usual concierge services and personal shoppers at upscale retailers, as well as VIP entry into a variety of exclusive airport lounges. Think you’d like to have one? Well get to work on accumulating at least a $20 million net worth first, as that’s just one requirement to become a cardholder.