Jay-Z featuring Adele – “THRT (The End)” Remix From Urban Noize

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Tags:  Adele   Jay-Z   Skyfall   Urban Noize  

adele jay-z thrt

If you’re interested in mashups, you might want to check out the new track from Florida production duo Urban Noize.  In order to create their latest remix, titled “THRT (The End),” Urban Noize has taken Adele’s Bond tune “Skyfall” and mashed it with some choice Jay-Z lyrics.  And the final product is nothing short of impressive.

Some have pointed out that the original “Skyfall” has vaguely revenge-based lyrics – something Urban Noize must have picked up on too since most of the Jay-Z lines in the song have to do with the same subject.

You can listen to the song for yourself below, and while you do so, feel free to begin imagining the possibilities of Jay-Z himself creating a Bond theme in the future.