30 Funny Gangnam Style GIFs

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, October 23, 2012

gangnam style gifs

I don’t know about you, but when it first came out I couldn’t get enough of “Gangnam Style.” Now? Yeah, it’s getting a little old. Oh sure, I still come across a funny meme from time to time that I haven’t seen yet, and I have good laugh. But this is a fad that’s on it’s last legs. So today we’re going to send Psy off in style with this list of 30 great Gangnam Style GIFs. If you aren’t sick of this thing yet, you might be by the time you’re done here. Nevertheless, I guarantee that more than a few of these will still make you laugh. So you should definitely have a look.

30. Gangnam Equestrian

gangnam style horse stable gif

They put this shot in the video just in case you didn’t get that this dance move was supposed to simulate riding a horse. You can never be too obviously, right?

If you look closely at the first horse on the left, it looks like he’s got his head down and is muttering something to himself. Perhaps, “who is this f—ing guy?”

29. GOP Gangnam

mitt romney paul ryan gangnam style

The GOP ticket knows how to Gangnam Style. And I was under the impression that Mormons didn’t dance.

28. Cang-Hum Style?

gungnam style gif funny closed captioning dancing techie

Oh the joys of close captioning. They have to go by what they hear, and in this case the person typing the words heard Cang-Hum style.

Bonus feature of this GIF: the techie dude going nuts in the background.

27. Psy the Teacher

psy teaches britney spears and ellen degeneres gangnam style

The only thing dumber-looking than doing the Gangnam Style is teaching others to do it. In this Psy himself is instructing Ellen Degeneres and Britney Spears.

26. Liesurely Gangnam Stroll

gangnam style stroll

This is how I always walked down the street. Thanks to Psy, it’s not weird anymore.

25. Feline Gangnam Style

animated cat does gangnam style

LOLcats like to Gangnam, too.

24. Gundam Style

gungnam style gundam style parody

Don’t confuse Gangnam with Gundam, the Japanese anime about giant robots. Otherwise you’ll end up with this.

23. Gangnam Videobomb

gangnam style video bomber

Videobombing is perhaps one of the best used of Gangnam Style. Nice work, nerdy Asian dude.

22. Gangnam Frustration

gangnam style dat ass gif

See, this is exactly why I don’t do yoga: too frustrating.

21. The Gangnam Kid

gangnam style little boy

Some day this kid will be an adult, and he will be able to use the fact that he was the Gangnam Style kid to get free drinks wherever he goes.

20. Real Madrid Gangnam Style

real madrid gangnam style

Cristiano Ronaldo’s head on a woman’s body? Yeah, that sounds about right.

19. SpongeBob Gangnam

spongebob does gangnam style

SpongeBob makes everything about 200% creepier. Gangnam Style is no exception.

18. Kim Jong-Un Gangnam Style

kim jong-un gangnam style

Now that you mention it, Psy does look a lot like newly appointed crazy North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Has anyone ever seen the two in the same place?

17. Halo Gangnam

halo gangnam style

Of course Master Chief knows Gangnam Style. He is a cybernetically enhanced super human from the future.

16. Baseball All-Star Style

mlb all-stars gangnam style

Does Bryce Harper know how to Gangnam Style? That’s a clown question, bro.

15. The Dark Knight Gangnam

batman gangnam style

I’m not gonna lie. I could watch this GIF all day.

14. Rampage Jackson



Who doesn’t like seeing big, touch UFC stars like Rampage Jackson shimmy their hips? I know I do.

13. Aquatic Gangnam

psy-gangnam-style swimming

There’s a guy like this at my gym. Nobody goes in the pool while he is swimming.

12. Amazing Dance Moves


Where can I get a chartreuse suite like that? It’s kind of amazing.

11. Gangnam Wars

gangnam style star wars gif

Forget Obi-Wan Kenobi. Gangnam Style is your only hope now.

10. Skywalker Gangnam

luke skywalker gangnam style star wars gif

Luke Skywalker briefly considers using Gangnam Style instead of the Force. Luckily he decided against it. That epic battle against Darth Vader/his dad would have ended even worse than it did.

9. NFL Gangnam Style 1

panthers gangnam style gif

Gangnam Style has become the celebration dance of choice in the NFL this season. So who does it best?

Is it the Carolina Panthers?

8. NFL Gangnam Style 2

Pierre Paul Gangnam style celebration dance

Or maybe the Giants’ Pierre Paul does it better?

7. NFL Gangnam Style 3

bengals player does gangnam style

Pierre Paul was good, but the Cincinnati Bengals Domata Peko was even better.

6. NFL Gangnam Style 4

chris kluwe gangnam style

Still, I’d say the Vikings’ Chris Kluwe wins for best Gangnam Style—because he’s a kicker, and because it’s so bad it’s good.

5. Gangnam Gunk

PSY-Gangnam-Style white stuff

Am I the only one who finds this part of the video kind of gross?

4. Neo hates Psy

matrix vs. gangnam style gif

This is my personal favorite, but that’s just because I’m the world’s biggest Keanu Reeves fan.

3. Gangnam Wolfpack

nc state fans gangnam style

This guy on the right really creeps me out. He seems way too into it, and those half-undone overalls aren’t making things any better.

2. Han Solo is sick of Gangnam Style

gangnam style star wars parody gif

Even Han Solo things we might have beat this Gangnam Style thing to death already. But I say we can handle just one more…

1. Mitt Romney

mitt romney gangnam style gif

Mitt Romney, everybody! And people say he can’t relate to the common man. Pshh.