Complex Magazine Launches ‘Man Of Next Year Awards’ Vote Now! (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 22, 2012

Complex Magazine Launches Man Of Next Year Awards

Lots of magazines award some variant of the “person of the year,” naming the individual who they think had the biggest or most lasting impact on the world in the previous year. But have you ever heard of a “person of NEXT year” award? Complex Magazine┬áis betting you haven’t, but they’d like to change that, as they are set to announce their “Man Of Next Year Awards.”

The magazine’s editorial staff is announcing the nominees via a series of weekly videos (you can check out the introductory one below), but the reading public will vote on the winners. And it all begins today, Monday, October 22.

I can’t wait for next year to see if their picks were accurate!

To find out more about how to take part in Complex Magazine’s “Man of Next Year Awards” voting, click here.