Gallon Of ‘McJordan’ BBQ Sauce Sells For $10,000 On eBay

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Tags:  McDonalds   McJordan   Ebay   Michael Jordan  

McJordan Sauce

You have to be a pretty big fan of either Michael Jordan, McDonald’s, or both to remember the McJordan. Or maybe you just have access to Wikipedia, which reminds us that the McJordan was a “quarter pound burger with bacon and special barbecue sauce named after…Michael Jordan.”

It hasn’t been on the McDonald’s menu for many years, but apparently, there are still a few one gallon drums of the sauce sitting in warehouses somewhere. And one lucky(?) buyer has snagged one on eBay for $10,000. What is he going to do with all that sauce? I don’t know, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know. ┬áBut whatever his plans are, he may want to check out the expiry date before moving forward.