9 Luxury Pet Hotels That Actually Exist

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 15, 2012


Most pets aren’t picky about things like accommodations when you’re out of town. But if you’re one of the lucky few with a pet discriminating enough to know the difference, consider one of these luxurious pet hotels. Even if your pet CAN’T tell the difference, you’ll probably get a thrill out of it.

Tipton Luxury Pet Hotel - $27-$60 A Day

Tipton Luxury Pet Hotel

Nestled in Lubbock, TX, the Tipton Luxury Pet Hotel seeks to provide “a truly unique and luxurious setting to provide the ultimate experience in pet boarding.” And for between $27 and $60, your pet can have access to their numerous luxurious amenities, such as premium meals, housekeeping, personalized custom service, and more.

Ruffners Luxury Pet Boarding and Doggie Daycare - $46 A Day

Ruffners Pet Day Care

At Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding in Illinois, they have room for not just dogs and cats but more exotic pets like birds and reptiles. What does your $46 get you? The luxury suite includes amenities like TV, frosty beverages, massage, acupuncture, and “homemade pet birthday cakes and cookies”!

Barkley Pet Hotel - $55 A Day

Barkley Pet Hotel

This LA pet hotel offers your dogs a level of luxury that might be a little embarrassing if dogs were capable of feeling embarrassed. Breakfast in bed? Check. Individual lighting and climate control? Done. TV, gourmet meals, and fur dye jobs? Why would you even bother to ask?

Hanrob Pet Hotels - $84 A Day

Hanrob Pet Hotels

The Habron Pet Hotel in Melbourne, Australia recently made headlines for its pledge to provide its guests with limousine service from the Melbourne International Airport. But your pet will get more than just a limo ride at the Hanrob – there are 10 “ultimate luxury” dog suites with “a training program and exercise activities, along with playtime hours with other dogs and grooming sessions.” Not too shabby for $84 a day.

D Pet Hotels in Hollywood - Up To $110 A Day

D Pet Hotels in Hollywood

Like it says on the sign, life for your pet at the D in Hollywood includes “luxury suite boarding, indoor dog park, boutique, daycare, and spa.” And much like the Hanrob, there’s also chauffeured transportation from the airport. Of course, classy accommodations like that can get expensive – as much as $110 a day, in fact.

Canis Resort - $113 A Day

Canis Resort

For $113 a day, guests at the Canis (get it?) Resort have everything from spa treatments to dog lodges with individual separate gardens to luxury grooming. With hotel accommodations like this, your dog might not want to come home when you do!

Kennel 1 - $113 A Day

Kennel 1If your dog is ever visiting Gurgaon, India, he or she may want you to consider Kennel 1. Located on a sprawling 5-acre estate, Kennel 1 is equipped with  “a private swimming pool, air conditioning and spacious sleeping quarters with en suite toilets.” Now that’s luxury.

The Nippon Koi Hotel - $531 A Month

The Nippon Koi Hotel

Most of the pet hotels on this list are geared towards dogs and cats, but here’s one for a traditionally lower-maintenance pet: Koi. You wouldn’t know it from the Nippon Koi Hotel in Singapore though, which offers fastidious koi owners 24-hours-a-day service, feeding, and even an adjacent koi hospital.

Pet's Dream Park Hotel - Between $550 and $1410 A Day

Pet's Dream Park Hotel

The Pet’s Dream Park Hotel in Taiwan is usually billed as the most luxurious pet hotel in the world – which would also make it the most expensive. In fact it’s not even close, costing between $550 and $1410 a day, depending on your dog. And what do you get for your money? Among other things, an indoor sports facility, individual air-conditioned suites, and 24-hour webcam monitoring.