Nike And Stussy’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Goes Beyond Sneakers

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 12, 2012
Tags:  Fall/Winter 2012   NIKE   Stussy  

Nike x Stussy caps

We told you recently about the S&S Off Mountain Collection from Nike and Stussy. But as it turns out, the two brands are collaborating on more than just sneakers, as they recently unveiled a look at their entire Fall/Winter 2012 line, which includes T-shirts, caps, sweaters, and other articles of clothing that bear Nike and/or Stussy graphics.

Like the sneakers, the rest of the apparel is set to hit select retailers on October 13th, so your wait for these stylish and cool pieces is very close to being over. And with such a wide variety of different styles, you could probably get a healthy chunk of your Christmas shopping done from this collection alone.