9 Twitter Accounts Every Guy Should Follow

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 12, 2012


Seemingly everybody and his kid brother has a Twitter account these days. It’s getting a little overwhelming. So you might be looking for a guide to the best Twitter accounts out there – the ones that you should be ashamed not to have on your timeline. Some are informative, some entertaining, some hilarious – but they’re all worth that click of the “follow” button.


Jose Canseco Twitter

Even if you’re not a sports fan, it’s imperative that you follow Jose Canseco on Twitter. He turns steroid-addled insanity into an art form with gems like “Yes time travel is possible. Will explain later.” He can also get big laughs with his one-word tweets, like the time he blessed his nearly 500,000 followers with this gem: “bats” – I don’t know if he meant baseball bats or not.


Richard Dreyfuss Twitter

Actor Richard Dreyfuss has had a long and storied career in Hollywood. And now he’s earning lots of new fans on Twitter, thanks to his irreverent and hilarious Twitter style. He combines good-natured and funny tweets about his career with perfectly crafted jokes and non-sequiturs.


Albert Brooks Twitter

Albert Brooks has spent his entire career taking jokes apart and then putting them back together again on television, in comedy albums, and in movies. But the 140-character limit on Twitter proves he can be pretty great at just telling regular old jokes too. Twitter brings out the one-liner artist in all of us, but few of us have as brilliant a one-liner artist in us as Albert Brooks does.


Mental Floss Twitter

The Twitter account for the popular website Mental Floss is great for if you enjoy reading facts that will make you think “huh, I didn’t know that.” And who doesn’t enjoy that? The tweets from Mental Floss range from historical to technological to everything in between. Didn’t you know that?


Discographies Twitter

Music buffs can spend their whole lives picking apart the discographies of their favorite musicians and artists, and now there’s a Twitter account devoted to exactly that. Each Discographies tweet follows the same formula: The name of the artist, followed by numbers indicating the artist’s studio albums – after each number comes a description of the album or albums in that group. It might sound complicated, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few tweets.


The Onion TwitterOne of the most beloved comedy institutions on the whole internet is The Onion. And America’s Finest News Source has made a nice second home for itself on Twitter, tweeting the best new articles, the best classic articles, and some original content just for Twitter. And they occasionally pull some pretty interesting stunts, like when “Vice President Joe Biden” took over the @OnionPolitics account to live-tweet the vice-presidential debate. It’s not real, but it’s almost as funny as reality.


Dalai Lama Twitter

Most of us will never get a meeting with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. But we can all follow him on Twitter, and have access to his wisdom and thoughts on a daily basis. He also posts the occasional photo of him shaking hands with Dave Matthews, which is funny. The Dalai Lama has a little something for everyone.


Iron Sheik Twitter

Wrestling legend The Iron Sheik is quickly on his way to becoming a Twitter legend as well, thanks to his hilariously unhinged contributions. Like all of the best celebrity Twitter accounts, you can’t be sure if he’s pretending to be crazy or actually crazy. The answer is probably somewhere in between. Also, he makes fun of Hulk Hogan a lot.


Funk Dad Twitter

All of the other Twitter accounts on this list have hundreds of thousands of followers, thanks to either a large web presence or offline celebrity. But last on the list is the Funk Dad – a Twitter account with just over a hundred followers. The premise is simple: He’s a good dad, who drives his kids to church and shouts at the TV – and he’s also funky. Think Family Circus meets Bootsy Collins. Or James Brown meets The Cosby Show.