Prince Harry Naked Billiards Photo Becomes The Face Of Royal Blush Wine

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prince Harry Wine (censored)

It’s been tough to avoid paying attention to the news surrounding the recent Prince Harry naked photo scandal, in which Harry was photographed playing “strip billiards” in a Las Vegas hotel. Now it’s become even tougher to avoid, thanks to Sheldon’s Wine Cellars, who slapped a drawing of the naked prince on their 2011 French rosé Royal Blush.

It’s the kind of droll humor you might expect from a winery based in the United Kingdom. And as you might imagine, the full image isn’t exactly something you’ll want your coworkers seeing behind your shoulder. But when it’s safe, you can take a look below and see the image that has reportedly resulted in a 200% increase in the winery’s rosé sales:

Prince Harry Wine uncensored