12 Free iPhone Apps Every Guy Should Have

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 11, 2012

free iphone apps for guys men should have

Apple is once again the subject of all the excitement in the ever-changing world of smartphones with their recent release of the iPhone 5. However, let’s be real: the newest iteration of Apple’s marquee product isn’t exactly a game changer. That extra half inch on the screen isn’t going to change your life, and the redesigned housing isn’t exactly a drastic departure from the previous design. No, what still matter most is how you actually use whatever version of the iPhone you have. So today I’m giving you my list of the essential FREE iPhone apps that every man should have. Each one is useful, and some even have the power to transform your life. Like, for real. So check them out.

12. Stanley Level

stanley level free iphone app for guys

Will you use this app often? I don’t know. I can’t remember the last time I needed to use a level but didn’t have an actual level handy. I mean, how often are you walking down the street and somebody comes up to you and asks for your help hanging a picture? But you know what? Tools are awesome. They make me feel handy and important. So, yeah, this is one of the first apps I downloaded on my new iPhone 5, and every picture in my house is crazy-level now.

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11. Omaha Steaks Steak Timer

omaha steaks steak timer free iphone app for guys

If there’s one thing a man should be able to cook, it’s steak. And yet the sad thing is, so many men can’t cook a steak properly, either because they don’t get the grill hot enough, or because they don’t know that the steak continues to cook for 5 minutes after it’s off the grill, or because they don’t take the thickness of the cut into account when deciding how long to cook it.

Luckily, this app will remove all the guesswork. In addition to tons of free recipes, it also has a fantastic steak timer. You just enter the cut of meat, the thickness, and how you want it cooked, and the app will tell you when to flip and when to take it off the grill.

And if you want to get really serious, you can buy a blue tooth-enabled meat thermometer that syncs with this app and displays the internal temperature of whatever you’re grilling on your iPhone while you sit comfortably in the living room, sipping a cold one.

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10. How to Tie a Tie

how to tie a tie free iphone app for guys

Need to make a good impression in an interview? Trying to distinguish yourself from your boring colleagues? Got a hot date to your fraternity’s formal that you’re hoping to hook up with?

Well, this app can help you in all of these areas by providing you with clear instructions for tying 30 different types of knots. The Atlantic, Cavendish, Bow Tie, Windsor, Half Windsor, Oriental—you can learn all of these and more. So why settle for that boring knot you learned from your dad in high school? Get this app, and dress to impress.

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9. Gate Guru

gate guru free iphone app for guys

For anyone who travels, a flight tracker app is a must. However, Gate Guru does much more than provide flight status updates and push notifications. It also displays your trip itinerary (it can sync with KAYAK, for example), view and post airport security wait times, and get reviews for airport restaurants and other amenities.

Now tell me that wouldn’t be insanely useful.

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8. Mint.com Personal Finance

mint.com free iphone app for guys

This is a free money management and budgeting app, and it’s actually pretty incredible. It syncs up with your online banking to show you not only the balances on all your accounts—checking, savings, IRAs, or whatever—but also all your transactions. Then it will categorize your transactions and present them as graphs so you can get a better understanding of how you spend your money. With this knowledge, you can then create a personalized budget, and the app will help you keep track of it.

And did I mention this invaluable thing is totally free?

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7. Converter Plus

converter free iphone app for guys

Sadly, though the modern world is about 200 years old now, there are two things humanity still has not been able to accomplish: (1) making a skateboards that are quiet and won’t scare my dog when people ride by on them, and (2) coming to an agreement on units of measurement. In the United States, we still use the old imperial system. In Europe, meanwhile, they use the metric system. And, of course, in Canada and Great Britian they use a mix—some things in feet, some things in kilometers, and some things in stones (whatever the hell those are). The result? Everyone needs a good unit converter. And this is the best free one available. You can convert pretty much whatever you want: millimeters to feet, dollars to euros, celsius to fahrenheit, or quarts to millimeters.

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6. Drinks and Cocktails

cocktail iphone app for guys

I’ve got to be honest, here: there are a lot of terrible cocktail recipes floating around out there on the internet that ruin classic drinks by listing incorrect ingredients and giving poor instruction. So if you’re trying to make something fancy, you have to be extra careful and cross-reference several recipes. However, when it comes to free cocktail apps, this one is as good as it comes. Not only does it have all the standards, but it also has a feature that lets you enter the booze you have in your liquor cabinet and find out what you can make with it.

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5. BrewGene

brewgene beer iphone app for guys

This is the ultimate app for serious beer lovers. And not only is the app great, but the developers were actually able to create a concise yet thorough description for the app store that explains the app better than I could in my own words. So here it is:

Imagine walking into a bar and having your phone tell you which beer to order based on your personal taste preferences. Or being able to look up a map of where all your favorite beers can be found. Or tracking and rating each beer you try so you never forget what you liked or disliked.

BrewGene makes all of this possible in one simple and comprehensive beer app. By pairing a beer tracking and recommendation engine along with location and social features, BrewGene lets you experience a revolutionary new way to find and discover great beer.

Whoever thought of this should win the Nobel Prize of Awesomeness.

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4. GymGoal

gymgoal free iphone app for guys

There are two version of this app: free and $4.99. And while the one that costs $4.99 is better and gives you a lot for your money, the free one is pretty awesome, too, and is a great way to try it out.

So what does the app do? It only offers you 280 different exercises with detailed instructions and illustrations, plus 52 complete workout routines. And you can browse through the workouts in several ways, including by target area. (Flabby arms? Yep, there’s an app for that.) One thing you cannot do with the free version, though, is log your daily routine; for that feature you’ll have to pay. Still, this is a pretty handy thing to take with you to the gym.

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3. FanFinder

fanfinder free iphone app for guys

What FanFinder does is give you the names and locations of nearby sports bars where certain fans are watching a game. So if you’re in Sacramento and you want to watch the Cubs game with other Cubs fans, all you have to do is input the criteria and, if there actually are any Cubs fans watching the Cubs game in Sacramento, this app will tell you where they are.

The catch? Yeah, obviously those fans will have to have checked in with this app. The app is smart, but it’s not like Charles Xavier’s Cerebro or anything—it can use telepathic powers to find other people like you. So, basically, this app is only is good as it is popular, which is probably why it’s only got a two-star rating right now. However, you have to admit this it’s an absolutely awesome concept, so let’s hope it catches on.

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2. ScoreMobile

scoremobile free iphone app for guys

Every man needs a sports app on his iPhone to follow the scores of his favorite team or teams—or, you know, the teams he bet on that day. And while lots of people have turns to ESPN’s ScoreCenter App, I’d like to make a different recommendation. Skip that nonsense and get the mobile app for Canadian cable sports network The Score. The scores? Yeah, they’ll be the same. But this app has an awesome interface and lets you easily select customized push alerts for any game you want. So if you just want to know the score of a particular game every once in a while, you can set it to do that. Or you can set it to update you anytime someone scores. Or when there’s a big play. Or when the game is over. You get the idea. Customized push alerts! They’re awesome.

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1. Adobe Photoshop Express

adobe photoshop express iphone app for guys

Look, guys, Instagram is dumb. A) I don’t want to see a picture of whatever you’re having for dinner at that trendy new cafe, and B) even if I did, I wouldn’t want to see it in sepia tones. So if you want to edit and share photos like a grownup, try Adobe Photoshop Express. It’s both free and awesome. Just like with Instagram, you can add all kinds of cool filters to your photos to make them look all hipstery. However, with this app you can also do almost anything else you’d want to do to a photograph—crop it, straighten it, flip it, adjust the exposure, mess with the saturation, fiddle with the contrast, whatever. And then, yes, you can still send it to Facebook or Twitter. What’s not to like?

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