Supra Backwood Shoes Combine Boots And Sneakers

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 5, 2012
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Supra Backwood

If you’ve been looking for a hybrid between heavy-duty, all-weather boots and sneakers, the Supra Backwood is here to answer your shoe-related prayers.

For starters, they are available in three styles:┬áBlack/White crafted with a black TUF upper, Brown/Black in antiqued waterproof leather, and “Black/Turq-Grey with a black suede upper. ┬áThe Supra Backwood also has cutting edge technology like SUPRAFOAM wrapped up in a stylish package.

If this sounds like your ticket to “Looking Coolsville,” the Supra Backwood is available now at their online shop and in select Supra retailers right now for a reasonable price of $105.