The 100 Most Stylish Athletes of All Time

by: Esteban On  Friday, October 5, 2012
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100 most stylish suavest suave best dressed athletes of all time

Everybody wants to look good, but very few of us can afford stylists to help make that happen on a daily basis. Many of us are just lucky if we can get to work in a reasonable looking pair of pants without spilling coffee on our shirt. Luckily, however, we don’t have to navigate the turbulent world of style and fashion all by ourselves. There are tons of cool, good-looking, and well-dressed famous people from whom we can take our fashion cues. And, best of all, many of these people play (or played) sports—so that means you can pick up some style tips while watching EPSN instead of having to turn on E!

Or, you know, you could just read this list right here, which presents the 100 most stylish athletes of all time. I’m sure if you browse through you’re sure to find a couple of people whose style you think are worthy of imitation. So check it out.

100. Mike Comrie

100 mike comrie nhl best dressed

Retired NHLer Mike Comrie is married to singer-slash-actress Hillary Duff, and you have to be pretty stylish if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself on all those red carpets.

99. Kristi Yamaguchi

99 kristi yamaguchi style fashion red carpet

This Olympic gold medal figure skater looks elegant on and off the ice.

98. Kim Yu Na

98 kim yu na red carpet style best dressed

At #98 we have our second consecutive Olympic gold medal figure skater, South Korea’s Kim Yu Na…or is it Kim Yuna? Or Kim Yu-Na? There seems to be about 15 different spellings. But however you spell her name, the girl’s got style.

97. Michael Johnson


All-time great Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson looked pretty awesome on the track back in ‘96 with those gold shoes, and he’s looking pretty sharp these days in his crisp business suits.

96. Pete Maravich

96 pete maravich style fashion

Pistol Pete Maravich was not only a slick ball handler on the basketball court. He also had a pretty unique style off the court—you can’t go wrong with Hawaiian shirts and Wayfarers.

95. Morgan Pressel

95 morgan pressel lpga best dressed

If you don’t know what sport Morgan Pressel plays, then, as Jeff Lebowski would say, obviously you’re not a golfer.

94. Jack Nicklaus

94 jack nicklaus fashion style

The Golden Bear doens’t place quite as high as some of the others legendary golfers on this list, but he was still a pretty suave dude in those plaid pants.

93. Lisa Leslie

93 lisa leslie red carpet fashion

This four-time Olympic gold medal winner and WNBA legend knows how to walk a red carpet.

92. Ian Poulter

92 ian poulter best dressed most stylish athletes golfers

Ian Poulter always looks dapper out on the course.

91. Ryan Lochte

91 ryan lochte style

Lately, Ryan Lochte has been using his charm, good looks, and Olympic fame to party like a rock star in the wake of London 2012. In fact, just last month he and Prince Harry raced each other in a pool at a Vegas night club.

90. Georgina Bloomberg

90 georgina-bloomberg fashion red carpet

Georgina isn’t just the socialite daughter of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. She’s also a professional equestrian.

89. Luke Donald

89 luke donald best dressed golf

Rory McIlroy may have taken the top spot in the rankings away from Luke Donald, but McIlroy didn’t make this list. (How can a guy who looks like he’s 15 be considered suave?)

88. Stephanie Gilmore

88 stephanie gilmore vogue style

Five-time world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore of Australia is the total package: stylish, attractive, and extremely accomplished.

87. Aimee Mullins

87 aimee mullins paralympic sprinter

Paralympic sprinter Aimee Mullins may be the most successfull amputee fashion model ever. I imagine you pick up a few fashion tips doing runway shows for Alexander McQueen.

86. Kevin Bieksa

86 kevin bieksa best dressed most stylish athletes nhl

Who would have thought that tough-as-nails NHLer Kevin Bieksa would turn out to be such a cool cat?

85. Katarina Witt

85 katarina witt stylish red carpet

This two-time Olympic gold medal figure skater is almost as graceful off the ice as she was on it.

84. Paula Creamer


Paula Creamer joined the LPGA in 2005 and quickly earned a reputation as one of best-dressed golfers on the tour. As you can see, she knows how to strut the red carpet as well.

83. Wilt Chamberlain

83 wilt chamberlain stylish

In 1991, Wilt claimed to have slept with over 20,000 women, which is more than a woman a day from the age of 15 until his death at the age of 63 in 1999. Preposterous? Of course. But he was a pretty smooth dude. So if anyone could have done it…

82. Oksana Baiul

82 oksana baiul red carpet

I guess winning Olympic gold in figure skating and having great style go hand in hand, beause we sure have a lot of gold medal figure skaters on this list.

81. Michael Irvin

81 michael irvin best dressed athletes fur coat

This Hall of Fame receiver was a true baller.

80. Dorothy Hamill

80 dorothy hamill red carpet fashion

See what I mean? Yes another gold medal figure skater. I guess I never realized what a suave bunch they are.

79. Magic Johnson

79 magic johnson fashion style fur coat best dressed athletes

Anybody nicknamed “Magic” has to be suave. The fur coat is just icing on the cake.

78. George Best

78 george best

George Best was a hell of a soccer player (dare I say, one of the best?) and a cool dude. It’s too bad the Irishman drank himself to death.

77. Payne Stewart

77 payne stewart best dressed golfers athletes

There aren’t many people in the world who can pull off this look. The late great Payne Stewart was one of them. Talk about a throwback.

76. Derrick Rose

76 derric rose fashion style best dressed athletes nba

Derrick Rose hasn’t been around the NBA that long, but he’s already established himself as one of the most stylish guys in the league.

75. Hope Solo

75 hope-solo-maksim-chmerkovskiy best dressed athletes

Solo is almost as well-known for her good looks and (slightly) edgy attitude as her ability to keep the ball out of the net. Also, she looks pretty awesome in a little black leather dress.

74. Lamar Odom


NBA star Lamar Odom goes for a preppy look, and apparently puts hs hand down his pants.

73. Joannie Rochette

73 joannie rochette figure skating costumes best dressed athletes

Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette wears some revealing tights.

72. Andy Roddick

72 andy roddick lacoste collection style

Tennis star Andy Roddick wears an Alligator jacket to match his wooden racket.

71. Gabrielle Reece

71 gabby reece red carpet fashion

Volleyball star Gabrielle Reece looks better on the beach, but still looks good in a dress.

70. Alex Rodriguez

70 alex rodriguez fashion mlb best dressed athletes

A-Rod looks suave in his leather jacket. Actually, he kind of looks like a gimp.

69. Wilma Rudolph

69 wilma rudolph style

Running great Wilma Rudolph rocks the retro look. Well, technically it wasn’t retro at the time. But she still looks good.

68. Natalie Gulbis

68 natalie gulbis best dressed athletes golf

LPGA star Natalie Gulbis shows some leg at the ESPYs.

67. Carmelo Anthony

67 carmelo anthony style best dressed nba

”Melo” is able to pull off a look most men couldn’t dream of. Then again, most men wouldn’t want to pull off a cross between Steve Urkel and Stevie Wonder.

66. Vince Lombardi

66 vince lombardi best dressed athletes coaches nfl

Fedoras might not be in style, but Vince Lombardi wouldn’t look the same without one.

65. Malia Jones

65 malia jones red carpet fashion surfer

Professional surfer Malia Jones leaves more to the imagination in this white dress than she does while competing.

64. Jennie Finch

64 jennie finch red carpet best dressed athletes

Softball star Jennie Finch looks equally at home on the red carpet.

63. Patrick Sharp

63 patrick sharp best dressed most stylish athletes nfl

Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Sharp looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ.

62. Rafael Nadal


Tennis great Rafael Nadal is one of the most stylish Tennis players in the game.

61. Tiger Woods

61 tiger woods style fashion best dressed athletes

You’re not going to pull down women like Tiger Woods without a sense of style.

60. Nadia Comaneci

60 nadia comaneci style

Romanian gymnyst Nadia Comaneci looks better in a dress than a unitard.

59. Althea Gibson

59 althea gibson tennis best dressed athletes

Althea Gibson sporting a white tennis dress, which makes a lot of sense, since she was a tennis player.

58. Leryn Franco

58 leryn franco fashion style

Paraguayan model and athlete Leryn Franco could get by on her looks alone, and no one would mind.

57. Carl Lewis

57 carl lewis fashion style best dressed athletes

Olympic track star Carl Lewis should have won a gold medal for fashion. And I should get a gold medal for crappy copy.

56. Artis Gilmore

56 artis gilmore fur coat fashion style best dressed athletes Very few men can wear a fur coat and still look suave. Former NBA star Artis Gilmore is one of them.

55. Frank Shields

55 frank shields best dressed athletes style fashion tennis

Frank Shields—the grandfather of actress Brook Shields—is the embodiment of old-school style. Unfortunately, legend has it he was also a drunken prick.

54. Sabine Lisicki

54 Sabine Lisicki tennis best dressed red carpet style

German tennis pro Sabine Lisicki serves up style.

53. Chris Paul

53 chris paul style best dressed nba

The NBA’s Chris Paul has an understated style in contrast to many of his fellow basketball players.

52. Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant captures the Mormon Chic.

51. Anna Kournikova

51 anna kournikova red carpet fashion style best dressed athletes

Anna Kournikova has discovered the secret to sexiness. (Hint: it involved making your bra visible through your clothes.)

50. Chris Bosh

50 chris bosh best dressed athletes

Is that a handbag, or a purse? Either way, Bosh pulls it off.

49. Dwyane Wade

49 dwyane wade style fashion

Bosh’s South Beach teammate D-Wade one-ups him in the style department, but just barely.

48. Danica Patrick

48 danica patrick red carpet

Danica may not have won a race yet, but she certainly is the most stylish driver in NASCAR.

47. Roger Federer


Not only is this guy the best tennis player of all time, but he could steal your girlfriend without even trying.

46. Baron Davis

46 baron davis style

Baron is a 2x NBA All-Star and one of the coolest dudes in the league.

45. Evan Lycacek

45 evan lycacek best dressed figure skater

At the 2010 Winter Olympics, Evan Lycacek demonstrated that grown men don’t have to wear silly costumes to win at figure skating.

44. Walt Frazier

44 walt frazier style best dressed suit

Before he started selling Just For Men beard dye, Walt Frazier was actually one badass motherf—shut my mouth? What? Who said that?

43. Torah Bright

43 torah bright snowboarder fashion

Aussi snowboarder Torah Bright brings a keep fasion sense to the slopes. (Well, actually, most snowboarders do. But she’s also hot. So…you know.)

42. Michelle Wie

42 michelle wie fashion best dressed

Michelle Wie made history by becoming the youngest woman to qualify for a LPGA event at the age of 12, but these days the 22-year-old is equallly known for her fashion sense out on the links.

41. Heather Mitts

41 heather mitts red carpet style

Former U.S. soccer player Heather Mitts knows how to score on the red carpet. (And did you know she’s married to retired NFL backup QB A.J. Freely? Now you do.)

40. Claudio Marchisio


Italian soccer player Claudio Marchisio really stands out for his style amongst the other members of the squad. And for a bunch of rich Italian men, that’s saying something.

39. Muhammad Ali

39 mohammad-ali

You don’t get a nickname like “The Greatest” without possessing a modicum of pinache.

38. Derek Jeter

38 derek jeter fashion

Have you ever seen a list of Jeter’s girlfriends? This dude is a babe magnet. (That’s why they call him “The Captain.”)

37. Dara Torres

37 dara torres red carpet style

Torres competed in 5 different Olympic games, the last coming in 2008 at the age of 41…and she won three silver medals. She’s also a killer on the red carpet.

36. Bjorn Borg

36 bjorn borg wimbledon best dressed athletes

Those long locks, the headbands, the being Swedish? Bjorn Borg was the coolest guy on earth for a while back in the 70s and 80s.

35. Michelle Kwan

35 michelle kwan costume

Here’s yet another gold medal figure skater. Wait, what? She only won silver? Oops. Awkward! (Seriously, she looks awesome, though.)

34. Ben Hogan

34 ben hogan best dressed athletes golfers

If you want to know how to dress on a golf course, or just how to be an awesome dude, start by looking at Ben Hogan. This guy was sharp.

33. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

She’s just as well known for her bikini photo shoots off the court, but Maria Sharapova is also one of the best-looking players while on the court as well.

32. Fred Perry


His sense of style is behind one of the world’s major fashion houses (Fred Perry), so he has to make the list.

31. Nastia Liukin

31 nastia liukin best dressed

She’s got an unfortunate name, but man can this gold medalist light up the red carpet.

30. Matt Kemp

30 matt kemp red carpet best dressed

Matt Kemp brings a lot of style to Major League Baseball clubhouses.

29. Caroline Wozniacki

29 caroline wozniacki black dress red carpet best dressed athletes

If you think Caroline Wozniacki looks smokin’ here, you should see her on the court.

28. Ana Ivanovich

28 ana ivanovich red carpet best dressed athletes

Ana Ivanovich is one of the most gorgeous female athlets on the planet, and she actually has a sense of style to match.

27. Shaun White

27 Shaun White fashion

Yeah, he looks pretty rad here, but did you see his recent mug shot? Yeah, he wasn’t looking so hot.

26. Cristiano Ronaldo


He’s still a little greasy for my taste, but I have to hand it to Cristiano Ronaldo here—he looks pretty dapper. (He might be higher up the list, except for all the pictures I came across on the internet of him in a speedo. Had to deduct a few points for those.)

25. Nancy Kerrigan


Nancy Kerrigan always looked classy and elegant on the ice. That’s probably what drove the decidedly-not-classy Tonya Harding to have some goons bash her knees with a tire iron.

24. Red Grange

24 red grange most stylish athletes fashion best dressed

Red Grange is a legend of the gridiron. I was very pleased to learn that he also dressed like a total badass.

23. Chris Evert

23 chris evert

Chris Evert was America’s sporting sweetheart in the early 70s and early 80s, and a big part of her appeal—aside from her skill—was her style.

22. Amar’e Stoudemire

22 amar'e stoudemire fashion nba best dressed athletes

I don’t know for sure if Amar’e started the whole preppy trend amongst NBA players, but he certainly advanced it.

21. Henrik Lunqvist


Who would have thought that a guy who takes pucks to the head for a living could be so dashing?

20. Venus Williams

20 venus williams style fashion

Venus isn’t quite the trend-setter that her sister is, but she still knows how to work it.

19. LeBron James

19 lebron james fashion nba best dressed athletes

Half the world may hate him for “taking [his] talents to South Beach,” but you have to admit King James is a pretty debonair guy.

18. Joe Namath

18 joe namath fur coat stylish athletes nfl

Joe Namath was pretty suave back in his playing days.

17. Babe Ruth

17 babe ruth fur coat

Babe Ruth: the origianl baller.

16. Bill Tilden

16 bill tilden best dressed athletes style fashion tennis

Bill Tilden just epitomized that classic, preppy tennis look.

15. Sean Avery

15 sean avery style fashion best dressed

Sean Avery has a repuation as a dirtbag agitator around the NHL, and he can’t seem to stay in one place very long because of it. So I must admit I was shocked to discover that he’s one of the most dapper pro athletes in the world today.

14. Peggy Flemming

14 peggy flemming figure skating fashion

Icon Peggy Flemming is the highest-ranking gold medal figure skater on this list. Really, when it came to style, she’s the one who set the bar.

13. Larry Fitzgerald

13 larry fitzgerald fashion best dressed

Larry Fitzerald is one of the best-dressed player in the NFL today. Of course, when you’ve got a $100M contract, you can afford to dress pretty well.

12. Lindsey Vonn

12 lindsey vonn red carpet

Lindsey Vonn isn’t the only great alpine skier out there, but you know who she is because of her good looks and keen fashion sense.

11. Kobe Bryant

11 kobe bryant stylish blue suit

Are you kidding? His nickname is the Black Mamba. Of course Kobe is a suave dude.

10. Tom Landry

10 tom landry best dressed athletes coaches nfl

Landry was such an innovative and influential coach that we often forget just how great he looked on the Dallas sidelines.

9. Charlotte Casiraghi

9 Charlotte Casiraghi gucci fashionable athletes

Sure, this equestrian has great style. But then again, she is a Princess of Monaco, so she was kind of born with it.

8. Rene Lacoste

8 rene lacoste style fashion

He may not have been the most handsome man, but Rene Lacoste had style that inspired one of the world’s premier fashion labels. So that counts for something.

7. Esther Williams

7 esther williams fashion

This swimmer turned Hollywood star was as eligant and stylish as they come.

6. Sid Gillman

6 sid gillman best dressed athletes coaches nfl

This guy coached the Rams, Chargers, and Oilers, and changed the game of football by introducing the downfield pass. Also, the guy was on hell of a sharp dresser.

5. Tom Brady


Tom Brady isn’t just married to a model. He is a model—for UGGs for men.

4. Serena Williams

4 serena williams red carpet

Serena aint the most popular female tennis player of all time for nothing. Sure, she’s supremely talented, but she’s also extremely fashionable.

3. Satchel Paige

3 satchel paige style

He didn’t join the Major Leagues until he was 42 thanks to the color barrier, but this guy is beleived to have been maybe the greatest pitcher of all time. And on top of that, as you can tell from this photo, he was also one badass dude.

2. David Beckham

2 david-beckham fashion style

David Beckham may be one of the suavest athletes of all time, but I must admit I’m sick of seeing him in his underwear on giant 50-foot billboards everywhere I go.

1. Arnold Palmer

1 arnold parlmer style

Arnold Palmer was from a working class family in Pennsylvania, but he showed all the rich kids at the country clubs how to look cool on the fairway. You have to hand it to the guy.