Undefeated T-Shirts For Fall/Winter 2012

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, October 3, 2012


From Undefeated comes a new collection of T-shirts for fall and winter of 2012. It may not be prime T-shirt weather, but you need something to wear inside, right?

The collection coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Undefeated label, and the graphics thereon celebrate the occasion with nods to the history of the brand. Tribute is also paid to various Universities and athletic teams, which is in keeping with Undefeated’s history of college sports-inspired styles. Undefeated fans will also appreciate the return of the classic “5 Strikes” logo, among other tributes to the history of the brand.

If you’d like to get your hands on a few of Undefeated’s Fall/Winter 2012 t-shirts, visit their online store by clicking here.