Text During A Blizzard With Muji’s Touchscreen Gloves

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Tags:  Muji   Touchscreen Gloves   Winter  

Touchscreen Gloves

One of the hardest things to do during the winter in the modern world is trying to manipulate a touchscreen in the bitter cold. Not only is it impossible to use most touchscreens without taking off your warm winter gloves, but the lack of dexterity resulting from your freezing cold fingers means it is a lot harder to text efficiently.

So you have two options: Only text indoors (haha, yeah right) or pick up a pair of Touchscreen Gloves from Muji. Through innovative technological design, these gloves can keep your hands and fingers warm while still allowing you to use your smartphone as if you weren’t wearing gloves at all!

To purchase a pair of Touchscreen Gloves from Muji (for approximately $20), click here.

Source: Four Pins