75 Classic Sports GIFs

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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75 classic sports gifs

Animated GIFs have been around since the dawn of the internet age. However, it’s only recently that they’ve become one of the dominant forms of internet memes. Why? Well, if I had to guess I’d say they have more to offer than a simple still image, but they are easier to disseminate than videos. Also, sometimes it’s just hilarious to look at things over and over and over again ad infinitum. This is especially true when it comes to sports. GIFs are the perfect way to capture and preserve a single instant for all eternity—whether that moment is one of utter awesomeness or complete failure. So today we bring you a real treat: 75 of the greatest sports GIFs you’ll ever see. Have a look, and enjoy.

75. Mascot Football

mascot football game gif

I think this is an amazing idea. Why don’t we have a mascot football league?

74. The Horror!

michigan punter fail gif

The look on this poor bastard’s face is absolutely priceless.

73. Wrestling Wreferee


Even the referees’ moves are choreographed in the WWE, apparently.

72. Magnet Hands

amazing football catch gif

It doesn’t seem like this catch should be physically possible. And yet here it is.

71. The Shake Weight

shake weight gif

This guy cannot believe how amazing the shake weight is.


lacross goal gif

I guess this is the lacrosse version of the Hail Mary. (I bet the goalie felt pretty stupid.)

69. Dude, WTF?


I don’t blame this kid for being pissed. That’s exactly how I would feel.

68. Weight of the world


Why did this globe mascot headbutt the referee so viciously? Who knows. It’s awesome, though.

67. The Runaway Golf Cart

runaway golf cart cowboys stadium

I guess all that money they spent on the 500 foot jumbotron came out of the golf cart repair budget.

66. Raisman Reactions


Hey, remember the Olympics, and that one gymnast who did that thing? Yeah, that was awesome.

65. Dancercize!


This is from some 80s aerobics competition…which apparently was a thing people did…people like this guy.

64. Babypong


I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the greatest infant table tennis player in the world.

63. The Sniper

soccer sniper gif

This would actually explain a lot about soccer.

62. Gina Carano is happy


Gina Carano is the sexiest MMA star in the history of the sport because of her unique workout routine.

61. Insane interception


Antonio Cromartie is almost as good at being a cornerback as he as at getting women pregnant. (The guy has 12 kids by 8 women.)

60. Epic Tirade

6 umpire-grenade

This guy’s name is Joe Mikulik. He’s the manager of the Single-A Asheville Tourists, and this tirade is one of the greatest in the history of baseball. (Full disclosure: that wasn’t really a grenade. That effect was added afterward.)

59. Sexual Harassment

sexualharassment a-rod jeter butt slap

Alex Rodriguez likes him some Jeter hiney. Who doesn’t?

58. Nice save

6 soccer-save-gif-12

It’s a bad shot, but a great save. Also, it’s pretty hypnotic. Don’t watch for too long or you’ll lose track of time.

57. RAGE

6 pissed off female sports fan

This woman is pissed off. She must be a Cleveland Browns fan.

56. Mascot Fail

6 mascot-fail

This is why dinosaurs aren’t supposed to wear rollerblades.

55. Cricket moves

6 dancing cricket player

Is this guy imitating a chicken? Cricket is already a weird enough sport (to those of us in North America) without the players doing stuff like this.

54. The Crybaby

6 crying alabama fan

In case you didn’t already know, they take their football very seriously in Tuscaloosa. These two look like they just found out their cat died.

53. Go Team!

6 cheerleader-wow-o

Aren’t cheerleaders the best? (Yes. Yes they are.)

52. LeFlop

6 BronFlop

He may be the most valuable player in the league, but LeBron James is also a world class flopper. (Which is one of the many reasons why some people don’t like him.)

51. The Headbutt

5 zidane headbutt gif

Hey, remember that one time when Zinadine Zidane headbutted Marco Materazzi in overtime of the World Cup final in 2006? That was awesome, but it kind of ruined the game for France.

Oh, silly France.

50. The pee pee dance?

5 tom brady dancing gif

Tom Brady doesn’t look like a guy who could bag a supermodel right here, does he?

49. Epic skateboard fail

5 skateboard fail

On the bright side, he’ll never have to worry about getting his girlfriend pregnant.

48. The Puppetmaster

5 ridiculous-soccer-dive

I know soccer players like to take a dive anytime they feel a strong breeze, but even for them this is just ridiculous.

47. The Replacements

5 ref-scard-flinches-at-ball-2

The NFL’s replacement referees are making a mockery of the 2012 NFL season, and yet the league has made no progress to get the real refs back on the field. That should tell you what the owners think of the fans who make them billions of dollars.

46. Olympic Nut Punch

5 olympic-basketball-nutshot

I guess this guy’s excuse is that he was trying to knock the ball out of his hand. But I doubt that makes the other guy’s balls feel any better.

45. Don't beat yourself up

5 neer-punching-himself

When a guy can’t tell if he’s punching himself or his opponent, that’s when the ref needs to jump in and stop the fight.

44. Double Knockout

5 mma-double-knockout

So, it’s a draw, then?

43. Excercise

5 funny-gifs-this-is-hypnotic

Working out is the best. This lady is, like, super fit. Good for her.

42. Yay beer!

5 drunk soccer fan passes out

It’s always the guy without the shirt, isn’t it?

41. Historic Nutshot

4 nut-shot

In 2011, the Tampa Bay Rays won the AL wild card on the last day of the season thanks to an epic collapse by the Boston Red Sox and this game-tying home run by Dan Johnson in the bottom of the 9th inning. And, as you can see, this historic home run hit one lucky fan right in the nuts.

40. McKayla Maroney's Vault

4 maroney-vault-

This vault by McKayla Maroney at the 2012 Summer Olympics was so amazing that the judges’ jaws literally dropped when they saw it.

Don’t believe it? Well…

39. The Judge's Reaction

4 maroney-vault-judges-reaction

See, I told you the judges’ jaws literally dropped.

38. Lingerie Football

4 lingerie footbal league gif

This has to be the greatest touchdown celebration in the history of football. (Beat that, Terrell Owens.)

37. Slight Miscalculation

4 funny-gifs-diving-fail

Sure, he dove about 4 feet too early, but you have to respect the kid’s zest for life.

36. Excitement in Jersey

4 excited nets basketball fan

Whatever just happened, it’s like Christmas morning to this guy.

35. Nice shot

4 epic_freethrow trampoline gif

Do you think this was done with CGI? Yeah, maybe, but who cares. It’s still awesome.

34. If Only

4 bowlingcontactsportp1

Bowling really would be more exciting if you could tackle your opponent.

33. Photobomb

4 bosh photobombs lebron

You always have to beware the Boshtrich. He may strike at any moment.

32. Badminton Juggling

4 badminton gif

Man, I hope this is real and not CGI. I’d really like to believe this dude is juggling ten shuttlecocks.

31. The Sprinkler

3 rangers-fan-does-sprinkler-dancing-gif

Now that’s how you celebrate catching a home run ball. Notice how the security guards are walking toward him at first, but they stop when he starts his celebration dance.

30. Kicksave

3 olympic-volleyball-kicksave-gif

I don’t know about you, but this was my favorite highlight from the 2012 Summer Olympics. Who knew volleyball players could use their feet?

Well, lots of people. Probably anyone who plays volleyball. But I didn’t know, so I was pleasantly surprised.

29. Collateral Damage

3 hockey-referee-punched-in-face

If your an NHL referee, sometimes you get punched in the face. It’s just part of the job.

28. Beer opener

3 golf swing beer opener gif

Okay, everyone go outside and try this right now.

27. Pro Wrestling

3 funny-sports-pictures-wrestling-is-a-serious-legitimate-sport

What in God’s name is going on here? Why is that obese man wearing a g-string, and why is he doing…uh, whatever that is…to that guy?

26. De-manification

3 funny-sports-nut-shot

It’s the procreation Nazi: NO KIDS FOR YOU!.

25. Duke Speedo Guy

3 duke speedo guy gif

The greatest free-throw distraction of all time, or a man with a very serious mental illness—you be the judge

24. Sweet Caroline

3 caroline wozniacki gif

Watching Caroline Wozniacki do whatever it is she is doing here makes me think Rory McIlroy (her bf) is one lucky dude.

23. One-handed grab

3 amazing-one-handed-touchdown-catch-georgia-football

Oh hey, no big deal, let me just reach out and pull this one in with one hand while I’m flying through the air like a bird. Yoik, there you go. Annnnnnnd…touchdown Georgia.

22. Close call

3 -back-flip-over-kid

Isn’t this one insane? I’d say they avoided a trip to the emergency room by about 2 centimeters.

21. Fooore!

2 soccer reporter hit in head

There two things that make this one a classic: the you can see the impending doom coming all the way in slow motion, and the way her hair practically exploded on her head when the ball hits it.

In all seriousness though, that had to hurt. Poor lady probably got whiplash.

20. Personal foul


“Wait, you mean we’re NOT allowed to cleat other players in the scrotum? Wow, I did not know that. Thanks for the tip.”

19. Heavy petting

2 mma referee crotch pat

So what do you think this guy’s explanation for this friendly crotch pat was?

Regardless, I think he’s pretty lucky he isn’t the one who got knocked out.

18. Who put that there

2 hockey ref fail

You have to watch this one all the way to appreciate it’s full awesomeness.

Keep watching.

There. Not one but two referees somehow didn’t see that bright clue carpet in the middle of the ice. I guess these guys really are blind.

17. The Tackle

2 fan tackled at fenway

Apparently Patriots linebackers work as security guards at Fenway during the offseason. Hopefully that guy was drunk enough so that he didn’t really feel the full force of that hit.

16. Clint Dempsey


This is a fairly recent one—it’s from a soccer match between USA and Jamaica a couple of weeks ago. But I think it’s already a classic.

15. Shattered Glasses

2 cricket player shatters sunglasses with ball

What are the chances of this happening? 1000-to-1? 10,000-to-1? 100,000-to-1? In any case, I hope he had a second pair of sunglasses with him.

14. Celebration fail

2 cfl player spikes football to crotch

This little gem from the CFL is one of the greatest touchdown celebration fails of all time. The guy spiking the football in his nads is former Toronto Argonauts QB Kerwin Bell.

Yes, Kerwin.

13. Michelle Jenneke

2 Australias-Michelle-Jenneke-Does-Sexy-Dance

Here’s another one that’s fairly recent, but which I’m sure will go down as one of the greatest animated GIFs in the history of the internet.

12. Air Jordan

2 air jordan gif

What can I say? He’s the greatest of all time. (Sorry, Kobe, I know it pains you to hear that.)

11. Wrestling Fail

1 wrestling-head-slam-fake-fail

Can you believe you actually used to have arguments about whether wrestling was “real” or “fake” when you were a kid?

10. Worst. Dive. Ever.

1 stephan-feck-dive-olympics-gif

German Olympic diver Stephan Feck will never, ever live this one down.

Sorry, buddy. But just think of how much joy you’ve brought to our lives!

9. Iron Mike

1 mike tyson uppercut gif

This is why Mike Tyson was the champ. I could watch this all day.

8. The Flip

1 jerome simpson bengals 2011 flip touchdown

In 2011, the Bengals Jerome Simpson gave us one of the most insane touchdowns of all time when he did a full front-flip over Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington. In fact, if you know of a better one, we’re all ears.

7. Ivet Lalova

1 ivet lalova bulgarian long jumper

Bulgarian sprinter Ivet Lalova saw that Michelle Jenneke GIF and was like, “you call that a warm up? THIS is a warmup.” And then the internet was like, “ooooooh.”

6. The Ice Cream Kid

1 ice cream kid gif

If you google “ice cream kid,” this is the first thing that comes up. So I think it’s safe to say that this kid is never going to live this down.

5. F#@& YES!

excited sports fan

Is this a soccer fan, or an extra from the famous “They will never take…our Freedom!” scene in Braveheart?

4. Panda eat cake?

1 pablo-sandoval-cake

Oh, Pablo Sandoval, Kung Fu Panda… You’re so portly and lovable, even when you’re tripping over your own feet while running the bases.

3. Sir Charles + Shake Weight = Gold

1 charles-shake-weight

Barkely says, hey, I got this shake weight thing down.

Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

2. Fitness Ace Power

1 fitness-ace-power-o

Behold, the most amazing fitness machine to ever come out of South Korea: the Fitness Ace Power…aka the humping machine.

1. The Hulkster "http://www.refinedguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/75-classic-sports-gifs.jpg

1 hulk hogan blow job gif wrestling fail

His mom called him Terry Gene, but you know him as Hulk Hogan. Together with the Ultimate Warrior, he is responsible for the greatest sports GIF of all in.

We all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.