The New Motorola RAZR i

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Tags:  Motorola   RAZR I   Smartphones  


Lots of attention has been going to Apple and Samsung‘s respective entries into the smartphone market, Motorola is right there in the game as well, with the new RAZR i. Many are saying the new showing from Motorola, the RAZR i, has got previous RAZR smartphones beat – and more people would probably know it if the RAZR i were available in the United States.

But unfortunately, the RAZR i is only set for release in select markets in Europe and Latin America. However, patient smartphone users in the US will probably get their chance to sample the RAZR i’s 2Ghz Intel Atom processor and other impressive features at some point in the near future. ¬†When exactly remains to be seen.