Undercover x Nike GYAKUSOU 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, September 18, 2012
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Nike x Undercover

The new fall/winter collection from the collaboration between Undercover and Nike, called GYAKUSOU, has been unveiled. And like previous installments of this continual collection, the fall/winter 2012 GYAKUSOU is impressing fashion buffs blending innovation and subtle luxury.

Designed by Jun Takahashi, the creative director for Underground, the collection features the same earthy tones that Takahashi is famous for – it’s mostly made up of lots of muds, greys, and browns. Keep your eyes peeled for this collection, which should be making its way to select retailers very soon in time for the cool autumn season. ¬†You’ll also be able to find the collection once it’s released at Nike’s online shop by clicking here.