Rogue Territory x Need Supply Drake Camo Collection

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 17, 2012

Rogue Territory x Need Supply

Camouflage: It’s not just for hiding in dense greenery anymore. It’s also a fashion statement! Going along with that idea are Rogue Territory and Need Supply, who have teamed up for the new Drake Camo Collection.

The Drake Camo Collection includes everything from shirts and pants to denim, all with one unifying motif in their design: Camouflage. Getting extra attention are the pieces made from custom drake camouflage fabric, as the special customized dye-and-print process gives them a very different look from traditional camouflage, while maintaining an appearance that’s recognizably camo. And if you want to become a soldier in the Drake Camo Army, you’ll need to shell out between $155 and $210 at their website, here.