New iPod Nano And iPod Touch Available For Pre-Order

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 14, 2012
Tags:  Apple   IPod Nano   IPod Touch  


For all the Apple fans out there who love Apple products but can’t quite bring themselves to make the jump to the iPhone, there’s a new iPod Touch to go along with the fancy new iPhone 5. And now that the iPod Touch is outfitted with Siri (among other features), it’ll bring you closer than ever to owning a real life iPhone!

There’s also a newly redesigned (again) iPod Nano, which now looks a little closer to the old “candy bar” design of the classic iPod. One interesting feature on the iPod Nano is a radio DVR for recording missed audio. Finally!

The whole shebang is available for pre-order, with shipping expected on the 19th.  You can pre-order the iPod Touch for $299 here, or the iPod Nano for $149 here.