30 Breakfast Cereals Based On Movies & TV Shows

by: Esteban On  Thursday, September 13, 2012

breakfast cereals based on movies and tv shows

Ah, good old-fashioned cross-promotional marketing. If there’s a better way to make money off making kids fat and lazy, I don’t know what it is. And probably the most awesome example of cross-promotional marketing in the history of awesomeness is the TV- or movie-themed breakfast cereal. I mean, they take something that’s already ridiculous—like crunchy candy that people actually think constitutes real breakfast food—and use it to sell mindless entertainment…during which they’ll try to sell you even more stuff that’s bad for you, like soda or Disney crap.

No, if marketing is an art form, then TV and movie themed breakfast cereals are the Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel, and the Thinker rolled into one. And today we honor these masterpieces with this list of 30 ridiculous cereals based on television shows or movies. They span the last 40 years, more or less, so no matter how old you are you’re sure to see one or two that bring back memories.


30. Urkel O's (1991)

urkel o's ralson cereal

Who would have thought Jaleel White and a simple little catch phrase (“Did I do that?”) would turn into fruity breakfast Os?

29. Rainbow Brite Cereal (1985)

rainbow brite sweetened cereal ralston

Rainbow Brite started off as character on Hallmark Card, then she became cartoon and, then, a breakfast cereal. Obviously.

28. Adams Family (1991)

adams family cereal

Free Adams Family movie portrait? Free? I would pay upward of $3.95 for such a portrait…which is funny, because that’s probably how much this cereal cost in 1991.

27. Disney's Mud & Bugs (2003-06)

disney mud & bugs lion king cereal

Looks delectable doesn’t it? Actually, it looks like they just added Lucky Charms marshmallows to Cocoa Puffs.

26. Donkey Kong Crunch (1982-83)

Donkey Kong Crunch Cereal

Okay, technically this was a video game, not a movie or TV show. But they had to have commercials on TV for the game, right? Point is, I just couldn’t exclude this awesome taste experience.

25. E.T. Cereal (1984)

E.T. Cereal general mills

Spielberg movies often make great breakfast cereals. However, Schindler’s Nut ‘N’ Oats was a pretty big flop.

24. Disney's Hunny B's (2002-06)

disney's hunny b's cereal kellogs

Nothing like a cartoon character called “Pooh” to pique your appetite.

23. Ghostbusters (1988)

ghost busters cereal hologram box ralston

This one, I believe, was based on the cartoon, not the movies. Not that it really matters.

22. Gremlins (1984)

gremlins cereal ralston

Never feed a Mogwai after midnight, even if his picture is on the cereal box.

21. High School Musical (2008)

high school musical cereal kellogs

I’m not 100% sure, but I think this might be the only breakfast cereal featuring a teen idol who had nudie pictures leak on the internet. (Just to be clear, I’m talking about Vanessa Hudgens, not Zac Efron.)

20. Hulk (2003)

hulk cereal post

You wouldn’t like Bruce Banner when he’s angry…because he’ll smash your cereal all over the damn place.

19. Jurassic Park Crunch (1997)

jurassic park crunch cereal general mills

Hey look, another Spielberg cereal. Though, shouldn’t the little crunchy pieced be people-shaped instead of dinosaur-shaped? After all, it’s people getting crunched and swallowed in the movies.

18. Mickey's Magix (2002-05)

mickeys_magix disney cereal

Fantasia was a stupid movie and an even stupider cereal.

Hey, guess what kids? Any candy-based cereal turns the milk different colors. It’s not magic. It’s sugar.

17. Nickelodeon Green Slime (2003)

nickelodeon green slime cereal

An the award for most disgusting-looking breakfast cereal of all time goes to…

16. Smurfberry Crunch (1983)

smurfberry crunch cereal post

In the late 80s there was also a cereal called Smurf Berries, but I prefer the original Smurfberry Crunch. (Actually, I think every cereal should have “crunch” in the title.)

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989-91)

teenage mutant ninja turtles cereal ralston

In you look closely, you’ll see that just above Donatello’s staff it says “No Tropical Oils.”

What the hell does that mean? Tropical oils actually sounds good. Maybe I want tropical oils in my cereal.

14. Pirates of the Caribbean (2006-07)

pirates of the caribbean cereal johnny depp kelloggs

You know Johnny Depp just had to love seeing his face on cereal boxes.

13. Pokémon (2000)

pokemon cereal kelloggs

At least the cereal didn’t cause seizures. Probably.

12. Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles (1969-present)

post pebbles cereal flinstones

Congratulations, Fruity Pebbles, you’re the longest-running TV-show-based breakfast cereal of all time. In fact, you’ve outlived the show on which you were based by almost 45 years.

11. Shrek's (Not Donkey's) Cereal (2004)

shrek's (not donkey's) cereal

If you’ve looked closely at the cereals depicted on the box, then surely you’ll have noticed by now that all these temporary promotional cereals are basically just combinations or revisions of existing cereals. This one, for example, looks like they added Lucky Charms marshmallows to Kix—both of which are made by General Mills, that sly bastard.

10. Spiderman (1995)

spiderman cereal

The folks over at Marvel have gotten into bed with every big cereal company over the years—Ralston, Kelloggs, General Mills, you name it. However, this one by Ralston in 1995 was the first.

9. Spongebob Squarepants (2004-07)

spongebob squarepants cereal kelloggs

Is Spongebob still popular with kids? God I hope not. That dude is creepy as hell.

8. G.I. Joe Action Stars (1985)

g.i. joe action stars cereal ralston purina

G.I. Joe was any marketing department’s dream: a cartoon, a popular line of toys, <i>and</i> a delicious breakfast serial.

7. Batman (1989-90)

batman cereal

They should have made breakfast cereals out of all Tim Burton’s movies. I’d love me some Edward Scissor Hand Crunch or Corpse Bride Marshmallow Floaters.

6. Bart Simpson's Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch (2001)

Bart Simpson's penut butter chocolate crunch cereal

Ay carumba, this sounds nasty.

5. Homer Simpson's Cinnamon Donut Cereal (2001)

homer's cinnamon donut cereal

Now this one actually sounds tasty.

4. Frosted Krusty O's (2007)

frosted krusty o's cereal

This was a special promotional item released in 2007 in conjunction with The Simpsons Movie and sold exclusively at 7-11s that were temporarily converted to Kwik-E Marts. Unfortunately, they weren’t particularly unique. People said they were pretty much just Fruit Loops—which would make sense, sense, since Krusty-Os were made by Kelloggs.

3. Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal (1989)

bill & ted's excellent cereal

It took four freakin proofs of purchase just to get a stupid Bill & Ted magnet? That’s most heinous.

2. C-3PO's (1984-87)

kellog's c-3pos cereal

Leave it to George Luca to make a breakfast cereal out of the lamest character from the original trilogy. You know if they made a cereal for the new trilogy it would be Jar-Jar’s Juicy Bites or some such nonsense.

1. Mr. T

mr. t cereal quaker

And finally we have the most awesome TV-show inspired breakfast cereal of them all—Mr. T’s Crispy Sweet Corn and Oats Cereal. I feel sorry for the imbecile who does not agree.