Hologram Steve Jobs Raps About The New iPhone 5 (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Tags:  Apple   Iphone 5   Steve Jobs  

steve jobs hologram iphone 5 rap


No, unfortunately this is not a real video of Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 5, which took place earlier today.

It is an animated parody, though, so if you squint your eyes you might be able to convince yourself that it’s true…

…Alright, maybe not.  But if you check out the video below, it shows Apple‘s new CEO Tim Cook being pushed off the stage by a rapping Steve Jobs hologram, à la Tupac.  So if you’re into topical animated parodies, or you just so happen to be obsessed with anything and everything iPhone, the video below might be up your alley.

Check it out: