15 Hilarious Hangover Remedies From Around The World

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, September 12, 2012
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Surprisingly, we don’t really have a full scientific understanding of hangovers. Yeah, we understand the basics—dehydration, toxins, electrolytes, and so on—but not well enough to produce a genuine scientific cure. As a result, the world is still full of traditional home remedies for the hangover that vary from culture to culture.

Your polish grandma? She’s got one, and it’s completely different from the one your Chinese college roommate swears by, which is completely different than the one he learned about during his semester abroad in Italy—the point being that every culture has some pretty crazy and hilarious remedies for hangovers. After all, the one thing human beings everywhere have in common is that we all like the sauce. That, and sex.

But today we’re talking about the wacky hangover remedies. And here are 15 of the wackiest you’ll ever come across. So check ‘em out.

15. Lemon Arm Pits (Puerto Rico)

lemon slices

Some Puerto Ricans apparently believe hangovers are caused in part by dehydration, which is true. However, they also believe that lemon juice can prevent dehydration (which might be true) if you rub it under your arm pit (definitely not true). So that’s what some of them do before a night of heavy boozing: rub lemon slices on their arm pits.

God help them if they’re women and they just shaved.

Anyway, I don’t personally know anyone of Puerto Rican heritage, but if you do, please ask them about this.

14. Wet River Sand (Ireland)

guy buried in the sand

An old Irish legend says that the best way to cure yourself of a hangover is to bury yourself up to you neck in wet river sand. Why? Well, it’s not exactly clear. I guess being buried in cold sand would help with the body ache and maybe the nausea (Irish river sand being quite cold and all), but other than that it just sounds like something somebody named Seamus made up to get somebody named Sean to do something stupid.

Of course, you have to figure that if people actually did try this, a lot of them would end up dead. I mean, drunks burying each other next to rivers? Baaad combination.

13. Voodoo (Haiti)

voodoo pins in wine cork voodoo hangover cure

Hey, if sticking needles in stuff takes care of other problems, why wouldn’t it cure hangovers? At least, that’s the thinking of some voodoo practitioners. So what they do is stick thirteen black-headed pins into the cork of the bottle that gave them the hangover. Makes sense, right? You just better make sure you don’t drink booze that come in a bottle with screw off cap.

12. Deep-Fried Canary (Ancient Rome)

deep fried canary

This hangover recipe comes to us from none other than Pliny the Elder, the ancient Roman author and naturalist who wrote Naturalis Historia, the encyclopedia that became the model for all other works of its kind for the next two millennia.

Apparently Pliny, like a true Roman, had a real fondness for wine and cheese, and sometimes he indulged too much. Luckily he had a family recipe for hangovers: take a canary, lop off the head, pop it into a pan of boiling oil, let it sizzle, and voila—tasty breakfast and no more hangover.

11. Buffalo Milk (Namibia)

water buffalo

Alas, this one isn’t actually buffalo milk. It’s just ice cream, dark rum, spiced rum, creme liqueur, and whole cream—or in other words, a booze milk shake.

Honestly, though, to me this one just sounds like some tour guide in Namibia was messing with some drunk tourists. I mean, just imagine you’re hungover as hell with a splitting headache and major nausea. Does a bunch of dairy seem like a good idea to you?

No? Yeah, me either.

10. Umeboshi (Japan)


An ume is a fruit that is similar to an apricot or plum, which sounds tasty. An umeboshi, however, is a dried and pickled ume that apparently is so cheek-puckeringly sour that people actually steep them in green tea before eating them to make them more palatable.

So if they’re so difficult to eat, why to people bother? Because, obviously, they’re believed to be a remedy for too much saki. And actually, there’s some science to back up this one. You see, when you drink heavily you lose electrolytes, and all the salt in a pickled ume would help to replenish them. Of course, so would a Gatorade.

9. Katerfrühstück (Germany)

rollmops katerfrühstück

Katerfrühstück means “hangover breakfast” in German (so I’m told). And one of the most traditional hangover breakfasts in Germany consists of a delicacy called rollmops: pickled hearing wrapped around pickled cucumber and onion.

Sounds delicious, right? However, like the last entry, this one actually makes sense—all that salt probably would help you feel better. And if the pickled herring should happen to you barf, well that’s good too, because you always feel better after you hurl.

8. Sheep Lungs & Owl Eggs (Ancient Greece)


Apparently the Ancient Greek equivalent of bacon and eggs (the hangover standard here in North America) was sheep lungs and owl eggs. Now, owl eggs? Sure, why not. Eggs are eggs. But sheep lungs? I guess it would depend on how they’re prepared, but generally internal animals organs are pretty rubbery. So this one doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

Then again, the Ancient Greek invented mathematics, philosophy, and democracy, so what do I know?

7. Rhino Horn Tea (Vietnam)

rhino horn tea

Rhino horn tea is exactly what it sounds like: they grind up rhinoceros horns into a fine powder, add hot water, and drink. In Vietnam they apparently think this stuff cures everything—from allergies, to cancer, to impotence, and, of course, hangovers. Sadly this belief and the black market for rhino horns is fueling a huge illegal poaching trade in South Africa.

6. Tripe Soup (Romania)

tripe soup

You know what really cures a hangover, don’t you? Boiled cow stomach. Or so they say in Romania, where they put the stuff in a salty root vegetable soup with garlic and cream.

Actually, the only thing that sounds bad about this remedy is the cow stomach. Hold the tripe and throw in some chicken, and I’d happily eat a bowl of this.

5. Prairie Oyster (USA)

prairie oyster

Here’s an old-fashioned American remedy: raw egg, worcester sauce, salt, pepper, and tabasco.

Is there any science behind it? Well, eggs are certainly good for a hangover, but I doubt there’s any advantage to eating them raw as opposed to cooked. And I’m pretty sure there is zero nutritional value in worcester or tabasco sauce. So maybe the whole thing was just concocted by some angry parent trying to teach their kid a lesson.

4. Sweat, Lick & Spit (Native Americans)


According to the BBC (so you know it’s true), some Native American cultures believed that the best way to cure a hangover was to build up a sweat by exercising…then licking the sweat off your body, swishing it around in your mouth, and spitting it out. The idea was that you got the toxins out of you.

Of course, you could also accomplish the same thing be going for a job and then taking a shower. I don’t know what the licking is all about.

3. Pickled Sheep Eyeballs (Mongolia)

sheep eyeball

In Mongolia, they get rid of hangovers by drinking tomato juice…mixed with pickled sheep eyeballs.

Yeah, you read that right: Pickled. Sheep. Eyeballs. I guess it’s the Mongolian equivalent of a prairie oyster.

Incidentally, this one is also courtesy of the BBC. (I think they might have just made some of these up.)

2. Dried Bull Penis (Sicily)

dried bull penis

In Sicily—I assume in the olden days—men who had a little too much vino used to cure their hangovers by gnawing on dried bull penises. The idea was that it would restore their virility. And really, how could it not? I mean, what’s more virile than a bull? And what’s the most virile part of a bull?

Interestingly, they also sell dried bull penises as chew toys for dogs. Seriously. You can get one in pretty much any pet shop these days. (That’s what is pictured here.)

1. Rabbit Poop Tea (American Cowboys)

rabbit droppings

You probably thought the most craziest and most disgusting hangover remedy would come from some little backwards country far, far away. However, the fact is, this one comes from our own backyard.

Legend has it that, out on the range, cowboys would cure hangovers by steeping rabbit dropping in hot water—essentially making rabbit sh*t tea—and drinking it. Why? How? Who? God only knows. But if it’s true, obviously the person who invented it was drinking some mighty strong whiskey.