Turn iPhone Images Into Real Photographs With The Impossible Instant Lab

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 10, 2012

Impossible Instant Lab


Here’s a product that might seem to live up to its name – the Impossible Instant Lab is a device for converting images on your iPhone into real photographs, developed using light from your iPhone’s display and then processed through an old-fashioned chemical process. Now, the picture you snapped with your iPhone has escaped its digital prison and exists as a real, tangible photo. Cool, right?

Here’s how it works:

“Just select an image from the Instant Lab app, place the iPhone in the cradle and slide open the shutter on the base. A signal tells you when the exposure is finished. Close the shutter, push the button and the Instant Lab ejects your photo, ready to develop in the palm of your hand. Collapse the tower and the Instant Lab is fully portable and ready to go wherever your heart desires.”

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? If you’d like to try the Impossible Instant Lab for yourself, you can grab one at their Kickstarter page for anywhere between $189 and $299.