Kim Kardashian Posts Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Complex Magazine 2009 Photo Shoot

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 7, 2012

kim kardashian complex behind the scenes


BREAKING: Kim Kardashian has posted some new pictures of herself on the internet. This time, it’s part of the “Flashback Fridays” feature on her blog, and it’s from her 2009 cover shoot for Complex magazine.

You can see the whole shebang at Complex‘s website here.

Coincidentally, Kim’s now-boyfriend Kanye West was also on the “guy cover” of the same issue of the magazine that Kardashian was on in 2009. ┬áNot even Shakespeare himself would have been able to conceive a better depiction of two people destined to be together if he tried.

kim kardashian complex behind the scenes